Help! Need crash course on Chanel Cabas

  1. Hi all,

    I am recently been really interested in Chanel cabas (any colour, any size) but have no experience/knowledge about them.
    anyone can give some quick info about:
    - Sizes
    - Price
    - When it was first launched
    - Is it still selling in store (since I saw a thread saying that they wont sell them anymore)

    Thanks a lot.....
  2. there's still a few out there, just gta search like iceearl said. and there's two sizes i think..a bigger one and a baby one.
  3. Someone said Chanel no longer made the larger one anymore, but you can definitely track down a baby cabas.
    The measurement is about 11.4H x 15L x 6.9D
  4. I called Chanel's 800 # and gave them the style # of the cabas the other day. They told me how many were left in black and khaki, put me on a call list for the khaki, and I got a call less than 4 hours later from Chicago. That baby is on its way to me now!

    There were several black in the system...only 1 or 2 khaki' white, no teal...although I saw a white one at Saks in BH on Friday... :smile:

    p.s. I can give you the style # if you need it. (I found it in the Chanel Reference Forum...) I LOVE THIS SITE!
  5. There should still be coco cabas' (large size) available.
    I saw a black one at Holt Renfrew last week for 2250 CAD.
  6. Chanel is releasing a new 2007 Fall Cabas in two sizes but both look like the old baby Cabas with a little difference.Saw them in black and brown in distressed caviar.Price of the bigger is at 1450 EUROS.Don't have the codes yet.