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  1. Hi everyone. So I've been looking for the Epi Alma BB in Blueberry made in France. I called 3 different stores and all they had were US. My great SA ordered one for me and it came in today but alas it is also US. She said we probably won't get a France. I'm going to admit I am disappointed. :sad:. I know she's going to be beautiful anyway and my SA said it's perfect. But I need your help in convincing me that it really doesn't matter where it's made. I'm just worried that it's going to bother me and I won't fully be able to love and enjoy the bag. Should I keep her or keep looking for France and hope. I'm afraid to miss out on this beautiful color. :frown: . It doesn't seem very likely I'll be able to find a made in France. :confused1:
  2. My opinion is that it doesn't matter at all where the bag was made. I have been buying LV close to twenty years and don't give a hoot where the items were manufactured. I have had beautifully made perfect bags made in the USA and had to return or exchange ones MIF due to flaws. Also anyone familiar with LV knows they manufacture their products in several countries like the US, France, Spain and Italy. All that really matters in the end is the quality and workmanship.
  3. Thank you so much. I really value and appreciate your opinion. My SA actually said that she has seen better quality in the US made items. This really does help me feel better. :smile::hugs:. I do have an Eva DE and a Mono Speedy B 25 that are USA made. The Alma BB will be my daily bag. I just thought most leather ones were France or Spain. You are absolutely right. It's the quality that matters. Thank you again. ☺
  4. I'm not sure where you are located, so what I'm saying might not be relevant. I live in the US, and I go out of my way to buy LV's made in the US. I won't turn down a bag because it's made in France or Spain, but I get excited when I see that it was made in the US. It means that my purchase makes a difference in my own backyard. Yes the company is French but they hire thousands of hard working Americans. I'm proud of it as an American, and glad to fuel our economy.

    I also try to buy other made in the US products whenever possible.

    Funny thing is I was born in Peru (I get equally excited when I see a made in Peru tag, Ralph Lauren has a lot of clothes made there, we have great cotton)

    Btw: Happy Independence Day!
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  5. Thank you so much. I live in Arizona. That is good that they have factories here too. My SA said the materials are still from France they just assemble them here. Thank you so much . Does make me feel better that people don't mind and sometimes prefer the US items. Thank you again .
    Happy Independence Day to you too.
  6. Can't wait to see a reveal if you do get it, blueberry is such a gorgeous color!!
  7. I definitely will. My SA shipped it out today. Should be here Tuesday. I love blue and this looks like the perfect shade. Thank you. ☺
  8. I totally understand how you feel. I always assumed all lv leather bags are MiF. My first alma bb is MiF and all other leather bags before it. I have a few canvas and they are all MiU. I was ok with the canvas being that way. But with leather, i want to pay for MiF. When I decided to go for an epi fuchsia alma bb, I was surprised and disappointed. All I could find was MiU. I got so frustrated and just ordered online despite 4 lv stores within driving distance. When I finally received the bag, I was sooo in love with it:heart: The quality was there and it had no issues! The zipper is so smooth as well! It is MiU but after falling in love with it and having no flaws, I was not returning it. I have no regrets at all. But I will say that I kind of gave myself an MiU pass on this one :P I think it is because I 've been wanting this bag for a long time. I'll be honest though that this will probably be my only MiU leather bag. I think if you really love it and it is in perfect condition, I would keep it. It's such a gorgeous color! I wouldn't worry about where it is made. Maybe give yourself a pass too...hehe :smile: keep keep keep :biggrin: Good luck deciding!
  9. To me it's more important that I get the bag right away rather than hunt for something that may or may not take a while to locate. I have bags made in all 3 countries (France, USA and Spain) and I honestly don't see a difference in quality among these 3 countries.
  10. Thank you. I do have an Empriente Speedy 25 that's France. I'm so glad I asked because this is really helping me feel better. My SA did say that we most likely won't find one but the US bags that she has seen have been assembled better. And she checked this one put for me and said it's excellent . That is what should matter. Glad you kept yours too. I didn't want to wait and miss out on this color. It looks like the perfect blue. Had the turquoise and it was France but ended up selling her. Beautiful color bur just too light for me. Thank you again so much. ☺
  11. Thank you so much. That's how I felt too. I was afraid if I waited I'd miss out on this beautiful color. I've been wanting the perfect blue. I know I'll be glad I didn't wait. My SA said they've been popular and I know it's limited. Thank you so much again. :smile:
  12. I really didn't notice where bags were made until the tpf. My first 2 were MIU. I have LV bags made in the USA, Spain, France and Italy. I do not notice any difference. I'm slightly partial to Italy when it comes to leather but there is not difference my SC mif and mii. Enjoy your bag and we will look forward to your reveal.
  13. Hi thank you. That's true. Now that I think about it my Monogram Speedy B 25 and DE Eva are both USA. I guess I never really thought about it before either. Oh I LOVE the SC. :love: Such a beautiful bag. The Alma BB is going to be my everyday bag since I don't carry much . It's the perfect size. Thank you again. Can't wait to show her to post the reveal. :happydance:
  14. Thank you everyone so much for your great replies. I'm feeling better . Just needed a little encouragement. You're all so great. :tup::hugs:
  15. Just wanted to thank everyone for their great replies. I'm definitely feeling better that I made the right decision. Just needed some encouraging. You're all so great. :tup::hugs: