Help Need CLucth/Wallet Suggestions

  1. Hi ALl, (sorta cross -posted from main forum)

    Need some help. I recently bought a MJ ZC to go with my new cocoa hobo - and I am not in love with it. Its I really need soemthing a bit larger. Otherwise its fine as a wallet - just not as a clutch.

    I really want a clutch type wallet. One anywhere form 8-11 in - 4-5 in high and 1-2 in deep. I want to be able to throw it in my LARGE hobo and use it as a wallet as well as a run around purse if I want to leave my bag in the car etc.

    It needs to be like the "hobo" brand with card slits in it, would prefer a zipper top and soemthing really cute. Ideally in a mocha/chocolate leather - but other leather colors will work. Also needs not to be really stiff. Would liek gold.bradd/copper hardware if possible. I cannot be too bulky as I will be throwing it in my bag.

    HELp!!! Any suggestions? Anything out there like some of the hobo clutches with maybe a little more pizazz?

    I would really love a MJ one if there is such a beast...
    I will be keeping, credit cards, change, cash, id stuff a lipstick, keys and a cell phone in it.


  2. how about the mbmj lovely clutch. i think xi-captain got one.

    4"H x 8"W x 1"D

  3. I ordered that yesterday and I can't wait to get it. I will let u know what I think once I see it in person :smile:
  4. Please do....My cell is really small (lg chocoalte) and I want to fit a lip gloss in it.

    I do like the zipper compartment in the middle, my last MJbMJ had that and find I am missing it.

    UGH - Must be obsesing if I am now trying to find the perfect clutch/walet!!!