HELP!! Need CLs for Silver Sequin Dress ...

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  1. I bought this pewter sequin mini dress and just can't think of what CLs would go best with it.:confused1: The shoes don't have to be matchy matchy with the dress, and I'm not afraid of color.

    What CLs do you think I should get?

    silver dress.jpg
  2. vp's would look hot so would rolandos. If u don't mind color hot pink would be gorgeous.
  3. Gorgeous dress! How about the new blue hue?
  4. speaking of blue there were a gorgeous pair of electric blue satin cl's in this months instyle.those would look hot too.
  5. I would actually wear the hot pink sequined prives available on I think those would really give the outfit pop and be totally cute. Some might think it was too matchy matchy, but I like that effect.
  6. I love how comfortable the VPs are, can't figure out what color.:shrugs: Of my VPs, the black patent or nude patent/gold tip might work, but I wasn't so wowed when I tried them on with the dress.

    I like the idea of pink next to the pewter. I absolutely love the sequined VPs that are out like the nude Kamilla posted, or the fushia that Asha just received .. but do you think that might be too much sequin with the dress?:hrmm:
  7. Dark red rolandos! Color would be great pink and blue would look nice also.
  8. It is so funny that great minds think alike, fuschia or magenta CLs would be perfect with this dress! I think that fuschia paillete VPs would go perfectly, not too matchy matchy at all.
  9. I think I would have to see everything together, but I do think the sequined fuchsia VP would work! Plus the colors would go so great together!!!

    Another great option might be the electric blue color out now... what about the catwoman or delics?
  10. although i love the sequin hot pink vp's and there is nothing wrong with wearing them together i think if u had them in a different fabric like satin or even patent maybe the greasepaints it would look awesome maybe a little less disco if u catch my drift. If u get the sequin ones the outfit will flow but if u have something different on ur feet each piece will pop. I hope i made sense i suck at explaining stuff.
  11. Since metallics are a 'neutral' of sorts, I think most anything would go..

    Any one of CLs patents would look great..

    Or if you want to stay tonal, try grey suede..
  12. Are you going to be wearing black tights like in the picture? I think because the dress made of sequins you would want a pair of shoes that is more neutral (so it wouldn't take away from the dress). I would got with a pair of black patent Rolande (whether you wear the tights or not). I love the idea of fushia shoes but I think it would be too much (am I suppose to look at your shoes or your dress?).
  13. I'd pair the dress with my black suede VPs.
  14. i would wear my Miss Boxe black patent wedges or black patent VPs with that dress! wowwieee
  15. Almost anything goes, what type of stocking/tights are you wearing? If you want conservative you can do blk or a dark grey. I love a punch of color so I would do the dark red Rolando or Rolande. The pink sequin VPs would be very pretty as well or something in a deep blue! As you can see I love color!