Help! Need awesome name for my new cat!

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  1. My bf and I decided to adopt a kitten! We're going to pick her up tomorrow at the shelter but we have no idea what to name her. So far we have come up with Lychee and Mochi. Our other ideas just didn't seem to fit. Any suggestions? ^__^ Heres a picture of our new kitten to help!

    TIA! :yahoo:
  2. OMG what a sweetheart! I got 3 kittens in the last 8 months and i had a hard time naming them! I don't know why but teh name buttercup popped in my head when i looked at her pic. I know it sounds childish! But she's sooooo sweet looking! My 3 are named Tiger (all grey, black, & white striped), Bella (grey/black tabby), & Phantom (orange tabby). Phantom was named after my boyfriend who gave me him as a gift and the name just stuck. They all have nicknames too! I call Tiger- Tigreeee, Bella- Bellitz, & Phantom- Mr. Mama. Don't ask why! And my mother calls the orange one Rusty which i hate! These poor cats have too many names but luckily aren't confused & i just yell MAMAS and they will all come at once!

    Let us know what you decide to go with!
  3. Awww how cute! Thank you for being an angel to that animal and adopting her!

    How about naming her Skate?

    I've always wanted to have a cat and name it Skate haha
  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Precious!

    How about Emily?
  5. Congrats! How about Seraphina or Sarah?
  6. She's beautiful! I had a cat that looked just like her when I was little, she was the sweetest :crybaby:--her name was Autumn
  7. awww, she's adorable! for some reason, she reminds me of a children's book with an orange cat named Marmalade. :smile:

    we just got a calico kitten... her name is Callie.
  8. Chairman Miaow? :blush: Sorry, I always thought that was funny.

    Seriously though, very cute kitten. How about Ruby?
  9. She is so pretty! How about Mila?
  10. She's absolutely adorable! And I like the name Marmalade!

  11. How about Billbee?
  12. She is adorable! How about Sunny since she is orange. I also like Autumn.
  13. Buttons!
  14. I've started calling my girl cat this. I wish we had named her it: Chica! So cute.
  15. Gemma. You could call her Gem !