Help Need Archive Coach Bag picture Satin mini top handle in Plum

  1. HI!
    I am a coach fanatic and have several of them, some new with tags, My husband and I are wanting to put an addition on the house so we want to pay off our debt before adding more on....Anyways I am going to sell a couple bags and I am looking for an archive site where I can find a good pic and description for The satin mini top handle in Plum, the one with the rhinestone hangtag and buckle.

    Does anyone know where I can find this, I tried google images and it gave me a real small pic. Google Image Result for

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Do you know the serial number of the bag? That would be really helpful.
  3. Yes, I have it at home (obviously in the bag) I will post it when I get in from work

    THank you
  4. The stock photo is in black. :sad:

  5. Thanks, I've seen the stock photo's in silver, pink, & black...I used to have a saved photo of the plum but I got a new computer and didn't save it to the new one....

    I guess I will just take a pic of it myself, I was just being lazy.....

  6. That's the madison top handle with rhinestone bag. I saw one in that color on eBay but got outbid. I own that in silver.
  7. Thanks everyone, I have changed my mind on selling it so I don't need the pic after all.......I am selling a purple satin hamptons hobo with the pom poms though that is NWT if anyone is interested

  8. ^ selling is not allowed on the forum.

    Also if you're putting it on ebay (or selling anything on ebay), I suggest taking your own pictures anyways because it'll deter people from bidding on your auction if you use a stock photo.
  9. Thanks, I didn't know that. I was already thinking I would just take a new photo of it myself anyway........I don't have to now as I can't bring myself to part with it,

  10. ^ yea, its a beautiful bag. I am in love with Coach's evening bags