HELP! Need Anniversary Gift Ideas QUICK!!!

  1. Ladies - I need your help thinking of a nice anniversary gift. It is tomorrow, so I'm bad to have waited this long! I'd like to spend $300 or less. This is a man who doesn't speak of wanting anything! I thought a nice cashmere sweater would be wonderful, but was told by sales people it is too early in the season. He mentioned he was looking at boots at Barney's, but when I went, they didn't have the style he had described. Last year I tracked down a beautiful book that was out of print that I knew he had been looking for. But this year, I don't have any good ideas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Now, a bit about him: he is an engineer by education, but works as a researcher/prof in design and technology. He has a minimalist style, loves wine, the arts, photography and good food. I thought getting him a really beautiful picture frame to put one of his photos in would be nice... is that cheesy?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Does her like belts?

    How about a sterling silver buckle from Tiffanys that they will monogram his initials on. You can then purchase the leather strap of your dark brown if he favors that or a black one. I have even seen exotic straps at Brooks Brothers.

    I think it a lovely gift and you can always buy various straps for other holidays.

    Let me go find the link.
  3. That is a great idea! Thanks so much! Tonight, before I read your idea, I ran out and bought a few things. One is from Tiffanny's actually - it is a crystal decanter for whiskey. I know he likes nice whiskey, so this made me think of him. I also bought some cashmere socks, because I heard him say the other day that he needed some. Anyhow, I wrapped both and have the day tomorrow to decide, or find something else that feels perfect. Your belt idea is great. I will go back to Tiffany's tomorrow and take a look. He did mention that he's been looking for a nice simple belt.

    As an aside, did you know that the small silver picture frame at Tiffany's is $395? I was surprised.