Help! Need advices on Boy

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  1. Hi All,

    I tracked down a medium boy at a department store. However, the SA told me that the authentic card is missing. Is it ok to buy without the card? Can I still sell it in the future if needed? I need your advices.

    Thank you.
  2. Of course you can still sell it without it in the future. However I would not buy a brand new bag from the store without it. Different story buying second hand where the seller may have misplaced it.
  3. I wouldn't buy it without the authenticty card if you plan to resell it unless you are getting it a a discount.
  4. I don't think it's a problem if you plan to keep. Would they discount if the card missing? I'd ask for that first...
  5. I wouldn't buy it without the card. Keep looking at other stores, there has to be another one somewhere or just wait for next shipments.
  6. it depends what you are going to do with the bag

    if you plan to resell it, it is better to have the card, if not, that will be ok, but , for me ,i won't buy it unless they give me a big discount
  7. If it's a bag that you truly want, and can't find anywhere else, and they'll sell it without the card (I actually had one store tell me they couldn't sell a particular item without the card, and I was panicking more than they were, as I really wanted the item and couldn't care a fig if it had the card or not, but luckily they found it), I'd buy it. The card is an inventory control, that's all; you don't wear the card, you wear the bag. You can always have the bag authenticated if needed for later sale (I don't buy my things to sell), but you won't always be able to find the bag that you want. Resellers sell bags without the card all the time.
  8. ... not unless its half price or better :angel:
  9. Recently I bought a bag at a dept store and when I came bag the auth card was actually the wrong one. In my heart I know I'll never find this
    Bag (new) again. It was a sold out bag from a previous season. It did bother me for a bit, but I got over it. It makes it feel like an imperfect purchase, but I rather have this bag that I really wanted and that was in front of me than give it up
    For a plastic card that didn't come with it.

    But if black boys aren't as hard to come by and I feel like they are always going to make it. If you wanted to pass on it, I don't think I can blame you. I hope you get it at a discount though. (Do they do that?)
  10. They don't usually discount, and if you look at big name resale sites, they don't really discount much at all for having no card, maybe 1% if that. The card isn't really the determining factor on authenticity anyway, it's the whole bag and many things.

  11. That's what I thought too. There was one time we were in a dept store and my sister was looking at the Celine mini luggage and there was scratches on the face. We tried to ask them for a discount for the defect and them they didn't even bother to entertain because they know someone will
    Eventually have no qualms about paying full price for it

  12. Thank you all for your opinions. More than likely I will keep the boy and will not sell in the future. I was just wondering if I actually do need it, just in case. I don't know how important it is to have the card, since I am new to Chanel and not familiar with the details.

    Is Chanel still selling the old medium boy next season or they only will have the new medium size from now on?
  13. I would buy it either way :smile:
  14. My SA told me that Chanel doesn't even give discounts for damaged bags, thus i don't think a missing authenticity card is going to get any discounts.
  15. Even if they are selling it, it will be at a higher price.