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  1. I will try to make this as short as I can.
    On 9/5 I sold a bag to a seller in NJ, they wanted the bag shipped right away. (sale was for $165.00) I got the bag boxed and shipped on the 5th Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
    On 9/11 she emailed me that she made a mistake and had not changed her address in paypal, and thought the bag had been sent back to me. Here is the tracking message in usps.
    Your Item's Status Your item was undeliverable as addressed at 10:36 am on September 07, 2012 in ENGLEWOOD, NJ 07631. It is being returned if appropriate information is available.
    I emailed her this information. She then messaged me if I could get her the # for the PO in NJ, I googled it and gave it to her. She then messaged me that her english was not that good, could I call. I called they said they don't have the box. I checked with my po and was told I would just have to wait.

    On 9/17 she emailed me again wanting to know where her bag was I told her I would wait until the end of the day if no box I would call the po again. NO BOX
    So I called NJ PO again, they searched everywhere no box. I called my PO they searched NO BOX, I messaged Bonanza as to the situation, they said there wasn't anything they could do it would be thru paypal. Called paypal spoke with a gentleman explained the situation, he said if the customer filed a claim they would side with them. I asked why, since paypal system said it was a confirmed address and ok to ship. How was I in the wrong. He said good question that's a tough one. said they would just have to look at all the info.

    Today, 9/22 still no box, customer has messaged me again and said if she doesn't get the bag in 3-4 days she wants her money back. I have kept her informed of everything I have done. I don't see why I have to be out the bag and money, but yet it's not fair for her to be out the bag and money. Don't know what the solution is on this.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. call PP back and ask to speak to a supervisor. Keep calling if you have to. Sellers are supposed to be protected if PP tells them that it is ok to ship.

    11.4 Proof of Shipment, Proof of Delivery and Signature Confirmation Requirements.
    "Proof of Shipment" is online or physical documentation from a shipping company that includes all of the following:

    The date the item is shipped.
    The recipient’s address matches the shipping address provided on the Transaction Details Page.
    The recipient’s address, showing at least the city & state, or city & country, or zip/postal code (or international equivalent).

    "Proof of Delivery" is online documentation from a shipping company that includes all of the following:

    The item’s status as delivered.
    The date the item is delivered.
    The recipient address is the same as in the shipping address section on the Transaction Details Page.
    The recipient's address, showing at least the city & state, or city & country, or zip/postal code (or international equivalent).

    That said the PO is not going to expend copious amounts of energy looking for an uninsured package. I always insure anything that I can't afford to lose.
  3. It takes at least 14 days for an item to come back. It sits on the shelf until they have a bunch of them. I waited almost 30 days for one to come back to me.

    Like Poopsie said, USPS is a bit more helpful on insured items. I had to call a PO in san Diego a few times and finally got someone to locate my box that a buyer had not picked up.
  4. I didn't even think of insuring the package, since I have never had this problem before, and it was under $200.00. I believe it's insured for $100.00 anyway. Well maybe it will still show up I did have my return address on the label.
  5. Unfortunately, the post office uses the slowest means possible when returning an item to you. It's probably coming parcel post and doing a tour around the country.
  6. I hope that's what it is, either that or pony express.
  7. It's not even pony express anymore.. its snail or turtle express..

    But would give PP another call & speak witha supervisor.. and be diligent
    about that..

    And hopefully your package will come back... you will have to be quite patient,
    I think...

    Good luck...
  8. Ugh! Sorry Carol.. I hope the bag arrives soon. You can also tell the buyer to call the PO herself on the whereabouts of the package if she doesn't believe you. I think you have bet over backwards for her.
  9. Thanks, Hopefully the box will come this week. She messaged me again yesterday, that she needs the bag real soon, and I better find it. Geesh...she acts like I can go to the post office and demand that I find her box. She has done nothing, I have done all the leg work. keeping my fingers crossed that it shows up soon.
  10. There is nothing worse than an impatient buyer....

    You are doing the best you can under the circumstances you are in..

    If her mail address was updated via paypal, you or she wouldn't be dealing
    with this...perhaps she needs to be reminded of that!!!
  11. Thanks, I've in a round about way said that to her, but she says she doens't speak good english, (which she doesn't) so she must not be getting it.
  12. Ok, just got off the phone with paypal, and I was told that if the buyer files a dispute, they will not cover me because the box did not get delivered, and is lost. That's not there problem that the address was wrong. They don't know that the buyer has moved and not changed their address. "Well neither did I" I hope this darn box shows up pretty soon, then I will file a complaint with the Post Office, as to why it took so long. Grrrr..
  13. I mailed a package to Hawaii last year to someone's confirmed pp address. The buyer failed to tell me until after i mailed it out that she actually lived overseas and that her brother received her mail in HA at that address and periodically sent it on to her. She wanted me to put her brother's name on the package. As I had already mailed it out I was unable to put his name on it nor would I have anyway because that's not covered etc....
    Anyway...the brother was not able to sign for it because he was not the person on the package label so the bag was stuck at the HA post office. After waiting about 3 days for the tracking to show any movement back to me I called HA and asked them to return it. I received within 3 days. Refund was given and everything worked out.
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    Last edited: Sep 24, 2012
    I don't understand how Paypal can say you are not covered if she files a claim. You shipped it to the address on the Paypal invoice. So if you can prove that the address you shipped it to was the same address on the Paypal invoice, you are still out of luck?? Paypal has to know that if the package is undeliverable as addressed of course it will not show "delivered" on tracking and that does not mean it is lost. It's the buyers problem she did not double check to make sure all of her info was correct when she made payment.

    Unfortunately, she has to just chalk it up to her mistake and wait patiently for the package to be returned to you and then shipped again. Hoping it gets returned to you quickly and everything gets resolved!

    Edit: You said she does not speak english very well, it may also be possible she is not very familiar with USPS or with ebay/paypal in general so maybe she's just overreacting because she is confused by the entire system..but it sounds like you are doing everything you can to help her.
  15. Thanks, I am trying to be helpful, and I understand her frustration, as well as mine. I just hope it turns up soon.