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  1. So in the fall I'll be going to college, I wanted to go out of state to maybe PA or even across the country to Cali jus to have a diferent experiance but with these please u NEED a car to get around...and my parents are refusing to buy me one saying they "can't afford it". I dont know what to do. I would never be able to save up the money on my own, I only work part time ( and of course I have a really bad purse/shoe addiction lol) but I don't want to go away to college without a car, i refuse to be the looser stuck on campus and I really don't want to stay in new york, I want to go away. Any advice?
  2. Find a college where you can afford to live in the dorm. Get a campus job. You won't need a car.

    Dorm life is SOOOOO cool! I met so many lifer friends there.

    The food sucks, but who cares? Get a microwave and make do.
  3. Once you get to college, you can buy a good used car, from some student who is graduating. If you can hang in there for 9 months, at the end of April/May there are always a bunch of cars on sale by graduating seniors who move onto new jobs and newer cars. Yes, the cars have some mileage and are not the newest models but you can get them for far cheaper prices than for example at a dealership...sometimes for as little as $600-700.
  4. Unfortunetly in cannot always get what you want:sad: thankful you are getting a college education:idea: ..and think of it this way..after you graduate and get that great paying can get any car you buy the shoes and purses you want.:yahoo: Independence and self sufficency is a wonderful thing.:yes:
  5. honestly my freshman year of college a car was not a necessity
  6. Go to school in a city that has a good public transportation system. :yes: I went to college in Pittsburgh and my student ID allowed me to take public transportation everywhere for free. I didn't have a car at school until I was a junior, and even then, I hardly ever used it because parking was a nightmare and the buses were so much easier.
  7. We weren't even allowed to have cars as freshmen where I went to school!

    There will be plenty of other students who won't have cars too. Trust me, you won't be the only one! Keep your priorities straight -- your job is to stay on campus and learn, not focus on getting off campus.
  8. i didnt need a car when i dormed, the train/subway was right down the street and i relied on public transportation. many many colleges dont allow students to keep cars on campus, especially freshman, which im just guessing that you are. take the bus/taxi/subway. save the money from a car, i guarentee youll need it at school!!
  9. actually, a car is unnecessary at many larger campuses. when i attended UW-Madison, most of the students living in dorms or university housing did not have cars. the campus was big, but not too big... plus there we got free bus passes (which i didn't use unless i needed to go off campus). many students rode bikes, mopeds, or even rollerblades to class. when i was a freshman, i knew several upperclassmen with cars, but honestly, you can easily get by without one.

    if a car is more important to you, then you will have to work some more hours and/or give up some of the things you love, such as shopping for handbags/shoes or whatever. you cannot always expect to have things handed to you. if your parents say that they cannot afford it, then it's probably not within their means at the moment. I don't think it's unreasonable of them. Maybe you can ask for a compromise? Why don't you set aside some money for a car, and ask your parents for some financial assistance?

    no one is a "loser" just because they do not have a car... many students don't (or simply choose not to bring one to college), as it's hard to find parking and it's can be expensive.
  10. Not sure what part of NY you are in ,but, maybe work & network a little before going away to school. You can make a boat load of $$ working in NY. I never went to college,but, worked in the city & made more than all my friends that went to school for 4 more years. You are still way young. Even if you go out & fall flat on your face, you still have a home to go back to. Good luck. Everything happens for a reason.

  11. is'nt it necessary to go off campus often? for shopping, running errands, maybe work, etc? thats one of my major concerns.. i dont want to be stuck on campus and have no way to get around. I'm quite ambitious and I like to see and try new things everywhere I go so I think I would want to leave campus often ...or do I have the idea of campus life completely everything on campus I would need?
  12. Most freshmans can't have a car on campus anyway, so I would get it out of my head right now. You should wait and save up when you actually decide to leave campus (if you ever decide to do that). NY is such a large state have you thought about other areas of NY?

  13. Everything is going to be on campus. Except for Gucci and all your other habits. But there usually trips that the school will make to go places and the bus will take you to the mall on the weekend. Not to mention you will make tons of friends. You won't be by yourself. They will go with you....not to mention you'll meet some hot upperclassman that will tote you around if you bat your eyes at them enough.
  14. thanks ladies, I appreciate your help. So do you think if I went to college in Long Island or say even Los Angeles I would be able to get around?
  15. in a big city public transport. becomes your best friend. youll get around just fine.