Help -need Advice!

  1. My daughter has been wanting a MJ in Tomatoe and I purchased one on eBay a few wks ago. It was a MarcbyMJ..cute turnlock style listed in description as Tomato Red. The bag arrived and is far from tomato red. It is a bright eye-popping orangey coral color. I have written the seller twice to let her know I want to return it immediately for refund as it is not Tomato Red, not a MJ Tomato anyway. I have a MJ Tomatoe bag so I do know the color. The seller is not responding to my emails. Does anyone know what the official color of the MarcbyMarc would be? Is this Poppy? What would be my next step? Do I file a claim with eBay that it was not as described? TIA!
  2. I believe that is the Poppy color that's from the Resort line of MbyMJ. Did the pictures on the listing showed the color as tomatoe red? :wondering Which bag from the turnlock style is it btw?
  3. It would be poppy. I love that color. it fun and fresh but not any where near a a tomato red. If they keep ignoring you then i would take it to eBay. or someone here may take it off of your hands.
  4. if the pictures in the auction are of the poppy colored one than im not sure how good of a case you have going against her. poppy is pretty too!
  5. In the listing, the pics just looked red which is why I did not question the color. Plus the description stated Tomato Red so I didn't think I needed to clarify since that is a MJ shade. I know it is difficult to really capture the actual color of items so I am usually very careful..especially with red. This bag is really really bright orangey tone with maybe a slight red. I laid it against something red and something orange and it fought the red more than the orange. I am just guessing on the name Poppy..maybe someone knows the actual color. I had never seen this bag before, but since my daughter liked my Tomatoe Red bag, I thought she would like it. No way she would carry this..she does not like bright colors. I would just suffer the loss if it was my mistake or I did not clarify shades is the fact that Tomato was in the description which is why I feel misled. Does anyone even know what this color is? The bag is a front 2 pocket turnlock, graffiti lining, soft leather, silvertone hardware, measuring approx 16x12, one shoulder strap, prot feet, MarcbyMarc. Hope you all understand, I am not a is just that the color is definitely not MJ Tomato as listed.
  6. Is this the bag?


    But in this color:

    If so, that's the Faridah in poppy. It's not red at all, you're right. If the ebayer is unresponsive, you may want to file a claim; but you always have the option of re-selling on ebay to break even or even make a few dollars. It's a popular bag!

    ETA: You're totally not a whiner!! I'd be upset, too. It's understandable. I'm sure it'll all work out, though - the worst case scenario is having to re-sell it, and I'm sure you'd be able to.
  7. I'd say take it up with ebay if the seller doesn't respond. It'd be considered an "inaccurate description" so the seller should be liable. Another thing to consider is that even if the seller does eventually respond, you might still be out the shipping costs. It might just be easier to resell it on ebay. Who knows, you might even make a profit (since you'll be listing it with the right name for the color :-P).

    (sorry for being off topic but MPJ, I LOVE your avatar. I personally love turtles too :biggrin:)
  8. YES and YES! Can't believe I guessed the right name..couldn't remember if I had read Poppy on MJ or another brand, but that is a good name for the color. I will try to keep contacting the seller (now that I know the real color name) and then try ebay. Just wanted to clear it through you experts first as I knew this was not the real Tomatoe I was looking for. Thanks for everything!