Help! Need Advice

  1. OKay, I live in British Columbia! YAY! I've lived in British Columbia ALL my life! I LOVE fashion, I have a HUGE passion for it!! ahah, what girl doesn't right? I just joined this forum, becuase I have a major question...!!! so HELP!

    I am wondering where I could find some good Nine West wallets?!!!!!!!!

    Yes, Im sure to all of you guys who are reading this, you're thinking, WHO ON EARTH DOESN'T KNOW WHERE TO FIND A GOOD NINE WEST WALLET, especially for someone who loves fashion, right?! lol

    Um, I have to admit, I've actually never really paid attention to Nine West wallets, and I have now just discovered how much I actually like them.

    SO HELP!!!!
    Where would I find a Nine West wallet in Abbotsford, British Columbia?
    apart from the obvious Nine West shoe store...
    is there anywhere else I could find a wallet?

    all help/advise is greatly apreciated.. THANKS!:heart:
  2. Im from the states but i know online, ebay, and Department stores. Hope this helps a bit.
  3. umm..

    The Bay?
  4. I'll move this to Handbags and Purses as it's not an authenticity question.
    Best of luck!
  5. I would try the Bay too or the Nine West store, if they don't have what you are looking for maybe they can order it for you.