Help!! (need advice) :( :( :(

  1. Please please please help me! I need some help with this situation:

    Short(er) Version: My lease with Roomie ends May 31. Our agreement was for a year, as roomie doesn't know her plans for next year yet and wont for a while. I said that was fine. I found a new roommate who needs to move in June 1. I want to renew the lease, but roomie now wants to stay for the summer (past the end of our lease). She suggested either the 3 of us live in the 2 bedroom apt for the summer (im assuming she means she'd get to keep her room to herself and we would have to share?) or her trying to talk the landlord into letting her renew for 2 months herself this summer. I don't know if landlord will allow this, but if so, I will have to find a new apartment. She doesn't want to find a sublease because she thinks it would be too inconvenient to move twice (when our lease ends, and when she'd have to move into her new apartment - wherever that is - might be in another state). I'm hoping landlord will tell her no on the 2 month lease - however, I'd then expect roomie to beg me to let her stay. Help! I really want to stay in this apartment, and so does my future roommate.

    Longer Overview: I am a law student (3 year program) and signed a lease on a 2 bedroom apartment last spring w/ plans to stay assuming I liked the place. I decided to live with a friend from undergrad who was taking a year off, but she said she'd only be able to stay for a year because she'd be going to grad school afterwards and didn't know where she would end up. I said one year was fine, and that I'd find a new roommate for the next 2 years. We considered it "my" apartment (I found it, she knew my plan was to hopefully stay all 3 years while hers was temporary, and we made our furnishing purchases accordingly - ex: she bought a TV, I bought furniture that was tailored to the place, such as stools for the kitchen/bar counter) - however, she signed on to the lease as well. I lined up a replacement roommate for after roomie leaves, but roomie wants to stay past the end of our lease. She had assumed either I'd renew but let her stay as long as she needed (and then magically find a roommate mid summer) or I'd leave and landlord would let her have the place for 2 months. She never really gave thought to the fact that I would stay but that the replacement roommate would need to move in June 1. (Most leases end May 31).

    Roomie's brother lives 5 minutes away in a 1-bedroom, and I suggested she live with him (ithis way if she decided last minute she'd be staying in town she could just sign a new lease starting June 1). However, she says his apartment is too small. I said I could help her find a sublease and even help her move, but she said she doesnt want to move - too inconvenient. She doesn't want to look for a sublease. She suggested the 3 of us living together for the summer (which is not practical - the apartment is 2 bedrooms and one studio-style main room so there is no living room to convert into a third bedroom) or her staying there herself for the summer (assuming the landlord is willing to do that, even though she - ahem, her parents - would be paying for double rent, utilities, etc).

    The 3 of us living together is just not practical, and new roomie and I do not want to do this. I also don't want to have this stress during finals (end of April, early May) and have to look for a new apartment. I looked for a long time last year, and I really like this place. I think it's unfair for me to have to give up a place I'd like to live in for the next 2 years just because she wants to live there for 2 more months. I really don't want to get into a battle with the landlord ("i'll resign the lease for 2 months!" "well I'll resign for a year!" although I do think I'd win that lol)

    How can I handle this fairly? What would you suggest? :sad:
  2. Why would you have to leave just because she wants to stay longer? If it was considered to be your apartment in the first place and all, she should leave. It's not fair for her to inconvenience you and your future roomie just for a few months. And that's rediculous that she would ask the landlord for her to stay and you to leave. rediculous.
  3. Its your apartment & you are willing to stay the longest. That's the "fairest" to the landlord. If it comes down to the "battle of the lease" terms, then so be it. Tell the princess to come down off the throne & get looking for a new place to live.
  4. Well, it was considered to be my apartment because I wanted to stay, and she said she could only stay for a year. Both of our names are on the lease.

    However, she is not in a position to sign a year-long lease. She hasn't even been accepted into any grad schools in the state! (So far she was rejected from 2, accepted at 2 in a very very far away state, and is waiting to hear from the rest, which probably will not be for another 6 weeks, more if she is waitlisted)

    I really do think since I'm the only one in a position to renew for a year (possibly 2!) I should get to keep the apartment. I also think the 3 of us living together would be horribly inconvenient.

    New roomie and I would also like to get a cat this summer, but old roomie is allergic. Not a deciding factor, but another inconvenience.

    I don't know how to go about doing this nicely though... I do like this girl and would like to remain friends if possible.

    The one upside I see is: if it does come down to a battle of the leases, I don't think we'd be on good enough terms to consider living together for the summer.... :sad:
  5. I decided to send my landlord an email asking if she knew what next year's rent would be and telling her i was strongly considering signing a 1 year lease, possibly a 2 year lease but would need to know what the rent would be, etc (she had said she didnt think the rent would go up, but wasnt sure when i asked her a month ago)

    i'll see if she contacts me back. at least this way she knows id want to stay...
  6. Well, if the lease ends 5/31 and your current roommate is not going to sign it, you have the right to the apartment and she needs to leave, especially if your new roommate signs the lease. But be careful: in some states the landlord has to get rid of a person who overstays her lease. In other states YOU would have to get rid of her! So there could be problems if she refuses to leave.

    It is pretty ridiculous that she wants everything to revolve around her, up to making you and the new roommate share a room for two months! She has plenty of time to make other arrangements. How would your new roommate feel about moving in later?
  7. New roommate's lease expires 5/31 and does not want to find somewhere else for the summer. We want to live together but new roommate said if we couldn't stay in my apartment we would have to find someplace else. (New roommate is currently a grad student living in university-owned housing so lease cannot be extended, but will be graduating in May. New roomie will have a real job etc starting June and wants own room, etc - doesn't want to deal with this crap. Also has a lot of stuff lol - I have a big room, but I don't see how we could live in it together for more than a few days)

    I guess I'll just need to make it clear to my landlord that I'd be willing to sign a 1 or 2 year lease, starting June 1, but if she lets my roommate have a 2 month lease I will not be signing a lease starting in Aug because I will have found a replacement apartment. I hate that roomie and I seem to be going behind eachother's backs at this point (she had contacted landlord to see if she'd be able to stay herself for the summer, and now I contacted landlord about rent expressing interest in renewing) but I don't want to get screwed out of having a shot at the apt.

    I really really hope roomie gets into a grad school in this city (she has applied to 2 - one is a super reach, one she should definitely get into - hopefully with $$$). One of the schools she has gotten into is a bit better than the latter and w/ in state tuition is < $10k/year. The school here she should def get into is a private school, but maybe she'd be able to get enough scholarship money to make them comparable? Roomie said if she stays in town she'd just sign a new lease starting June 1 and this wouldnt be an issue, but I really can't wait that long to find out. She applied very late and it could easily be another 6 weeks before she hears something from these schools.

    My parents originally wanted me to wait for the landlord to contact me about renewing and thought i was worrying about things too early, but now that I see how adament roomie is about not having to sublease and that she'd be willing to pay double rent herself for the summer just to avoid moving, I feel like it's important to take steps now. If I had to find a new apartment now it would be a pain but doable I guess (maybe new roomie could help) but if I had to start doing that in late april/early may (IE: FINALS) that is just not a possibility. period. I'd like to have the new lease signed as soon as possible (with me and new roomie on it) and then if old roomie wants to beg she can, but i'll at least know i'm settled
  8. Update: landlord (LL) called this AM, said I could renew w/ new roomie at the same rental rate, and said she'd leave a copy of the lease in my mailbox. I said while I had her on the phone, current roomie needs a place to stay through July and asked if she could possibly give her a 2 month lease in a different apartment. LL said she only has 4 1bedroom apartments and they usually fill immediately, and that she does not usually do 2 month leases, so it would be unlikely. I asked if Roomie wanted to take a 2 bedroom, would that be possible? LL said again that she doesn't really do 2 month leases, but she might be able to work something out with roomie since she's a current tenant, and to have her call her.

    Roomie already had planned to call LL today, so hopefully she gets through to her and LL can mention that I asked for her, and that Roomie wont think I snuck around behind her back. Hopefully roomie can get a 2 month lease elsewhere in this building... and will be OK with that. Either way, looks like I'm getting my lease! :smile:

    Now, roomie gets back from vacation tomorrow, so hopefully the sh*t doesnt hit the fan... :push:
  9. Well, your landlord is smart! She wants the two people who will stay a year (or more), not someone who is only going to stay two months. I hope your roommate leaves when she is supposed to. I am glad it seems to be working out. Keep us updated.