help!! need advice on what to purchase


what do i choose

  1. gucci heels

  2. gucci flats

  3. wapity white

  4. wapity black

  5. lv scarf

  6. doir pouch

  7. dior key change

  8. gucci pochette

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  1. right so ive got a problem, i get paid at the end of the month and hopefully quite abit of tax returns, but nothing compared to what you lot get.
    i dont want to buy them all, its NOT an option lol

    Heres my list:
    (help me choose one) pleeeeease

    MC wapity (both colours) (choose one)
    Perfo bandeau (pink-for my speedy which i do carry everyday)
    Gucci ballet pump shoes (monogram GG with white leather and bamboo at front- gorgeousss)
    or the heeled version (which may be better as im only 5'3)
    gucci pochette for small bag days/nights out etc... (not same as in pic but to give you a picture)
    Dior trotter romantique pouch
    fuschia diorissimo key case (like LV change purse)

    dior pouch.JPG diorissimo.JPG gucci ballet.jpg gucci heels.JPG gucci pochette.JPG scarf.JPG wapity.JPG wapity black.JPG