Help Need advice on what to do

  1. So, I have this lighter colored leather bag from the factory which I used 2 maybe 3 times. I was told by an SA in the full price store to get the leather care products to use on the bag, she seemed very knowledgeable so I beleived her. Anyway, I went to clean a smal spot off it which i don't even know how it happened and not very noticeable and followed all of the directions etc etc. When I woke up this morning, there was a big white spot where the spot was,the color had come off the bag ! What should i do, I called the factory outlet and they said call the retail store but will they give me a refund at the outlet if i have my tags and receipt or should I see if my full priced store near me which all of the SA are awesome and helpful there can send it in for repair. I honesly love this bag and am upset because it is my only coach in a springy color. Will I get store credit ? TIA:sad:
  2. I would take it to the outlet first with your receipt and explain.. if they won't take it back take it to a boutique and have them send it in for repair. if they can't repair it the will give you credit for the full price. Sorry that happened to you. :tdown:
  3. Thank you ! That is what i will do. Even though the outlet is in another state it is still only about 40 minutes away. I hope I can find my receipt but i do have the tags and they have me in the computer so it should say how much i purchased it for or does that matter. Thanks !
  4. No problem :tup: I know that my mom bought a bag at the outlets and a rivet came off and she clerarly told them she had worn it and they gladly returned it.. it had been several months. I think since you just bought it they should take it back.. you can't go wrong either way. Good Luck! :tup:
  5. That is good to know ! I hope the same will happen for me. I know I paid like around $130 or $140 for it so I hope they will return it. What if I can't find my reciept ? Thanks
  6. Oh no, that is terrible! I don't see why they would not return it, you did use a Coach product on the bag. I hope that you can get it all straightened out!
  7. Thank you, I hope so too ! I do love that bag and will be sad to see it go but the spot is really bothering me and it is right in front. I get attached lol !
  8. Just FYI you can have the outlet send it for repair, you don't need to go to both a boutique and outlet. I would personally just go to the boutique unless you think there is one at the outlet to exchange it for. Which is closer and if they give you your money/credit will you be getting something from the boutique or outlet?
  9. I know that is my dilemma. The outlet doesn't really have anything i want and it is further away but if they will take it back without having to send it for repair then i can put the money toward another bag. I really want something light and summer/springy but not leather because with this bag I never used it because i would affraid i would ruin it (i know irony) The outlet that is more likely to have somthing i want is a lot further away so i am thinking after the holiday and if i get more gift cards/money then i can combine and get either a tote or a carly or satchel. Something in khaki sig that i can use all year long. I don't think the boutique will give me a credit without having to send it in but i don't know. Also maybe i will get more money back if they try to fix it since i don't know if i have my receipt and may have to settle for lowest clearance price from the outlet. So maybe i should bring it to the boutique is their a chance that they just say "too bad we can't help you and you get nothing" i hope that is not the case and my bag is not "snubbed" because it is an outlet bag. I buy stuff from the boutique too but that shouldn't matter, I am still loyal to the brand and buy a fair amount of stuff.