Help! Need advice on this new MbyMJ purchase...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just received my Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Galya Luxy' leather tote from I am absolutely in love with this handbag, but unfortunately I received it in damaged condition. The leather patch with the antique goldtone 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' logo plaque is ripped and detaching from its leather backing stitched to the bag.

    In the most likely case that Bluefly doesn't have a replacement they can send me (site currently says it's sold out :sad:), should I just return it for a refund, or should I just suck it up and try getting it fixed on my own since I really love it? My sister says that I should ask for an extra discount since they can't replace it, but I've never heard of Bluefly doing that. (I wrote them an e-mail, but have yet to hear a reply. I'll contact them by phone tomorrow.)

    Please let me know what you all think I should do?
    Thanks so much for any help!:heart:
  2. If you really love it, I would at least hear them out regarding a discount. I don't think I've seen that bag at any other retailer lately, but you could always search around for it. Either way, good luck with Bluefly. An additional discount on the bag definitely sounds reasonable. Sorry you're bag wasn't perfect upon arrival. I hate when that happens!
  3. If you really love it and they offer some kind of discount then I would keep it and have it fixed!!
  4. Personally, I cannot believe they would send that bag to you. That is rediculous! The name plate is hanging off! It seems like many people here are receiving damaged bags from various online retailers lately...
    I see these bags all the time on eBay~ you may have luck there. Depending on what you spent, I would either return it for a full refund, or ask for a discount. If you got it at a really good price, then maybe you can just have it fixed. Such a shame that you have to go out of your way and find someone to fix a "new" bag, though....
  5. That STINKS!! Its a shame that the damage is on the outside of the bag too.

    The way the leather is torn it looks a little daunting. Maybe before deciding you could take it to wherever you would have it fixed and make sure they think they can repair it to like new condition, so you wont be able to notice the repair.

    If they can I'd definately call bluefly for a further reduction. At least another 20% for that type of damage....

    Also like you said keep checking back on bluefly and maybe another will pop and you can exchange.

    Keep us posted!
  6. So here's an update:

    I called Bluefly this morning and told a rep about the situation. She was apologetic and very nice, but was "only" able to give me a $20 credit (and a code for 10% off a future purchase). I have to be honest and say I'm horrible at negotiating, but that seemed a little low to me so I told her I would have to deliberate further. I paid $237, which I considered a good price (for a brand new bag of course). I found the same bag in 'mushroom' on Zappos, but they have it listed at $400+, that's why I'm really torn about returning it.

    What do you all think of that? I'm in Philadelphia and don't even know where I could find a reputable leather smith to fix what's broken.

    By the way, you all are lovely! I really appreciate all the helpful replies so far...
  7. $20 refund is definately too low. And the 10% off is a joke, they send out those codes by email all the time.

    It would probably cost $20 to get it fixed plus your time running around dropping off the bag then picking it up from the shop etc.

    You should return it and they should refund your shipping costs as well.
  8. I hate to say it, but I agree with Smooches. I think that a damaged bag is a damaged bag, and they should NOT have sent you a damaged bag, period. It looks so obvious in the pictures! They should refund you in full, plus your return shipping. I know you love the bag, but another one will come up. Bottom line is, you spent alot of money for an unknowingly damaged bag. It would be one thing to buy a bag for $100 that you KNEW was damaged and had this problem. Let's put it this way: would you have bought it for $237 if it was listed as damaged? I assume not. Their offer sounds rediculously low....
  9. is it possible that Zappos would agree to price match despite the different color?
  10. ^^I like that idea...I've always heard that Zappos has great customer service. It couldn't hurt to try.

    I also agree that Bluefly's discount offer is ridiculous!
  11. I decided that I do have to return the handbag. Cooper, you're definitely right, I would not have purchased it at any price knowing it was damage. It wasted a lot of time :sad:

    I'll definitely try calling Zappos about price matching the other handbag. I'll be really excited if they do!!! Hopefully it won't matter that the bag is sold out on bluefly. I'll keep you updated.

    Thanks so much guys! You're suggestions and opinions have been so helpful :smile:
  12. Just a quick update:

    I returned the MbyMJ Gayla Luxy tote and just ordered the "Viva La Val" zip satchel in Burnt Sienna instead. I am so excited!!! Again, thanks for all the help :smile:

    Here's a photo (just in a different color):yahoo::
  13. Congrats! I'm so glad things worked out for you. May I ask where you found the Viva La Val bag? I've been looking everywhere but I can't seem to find it!
  14. Thank you! I found it on and jumped on it. Hopefully this time they won't send me a defective item. I've done a google search to find it in different colors but it does prove impossible to find, even images. If I see it around, I'll let you know...
  15. Oooooh!
    I actually like this bag alot better (not that it matters!)
    but it is gorgeous!!!
    Some things just happen for a reason...