Help: Need advice on Taryn Rose & Cole Haan Sizing

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  1. Hi all,
    I saw some Taryn Rose and Cole Haan's shoes on the net that I like. Can anyone tell me if they are true to size? I normally wear size 7.5 pumps for Bally and Nine West and size 8 boots. I have wide feet. What size would you recommend I get for these two brands? Thanks.

  2. Cole Haans pretty much run true to size. I generally wear a true 6.5 and I've got several sandals and pumps in that brand.

    I only have one pair of Taryn Rose flats that I bought at Nordie's Rack and not sure if they were a sample pair but I was able to fit in a size 6.
  3. Taryn Rose are designed by a former orthopedic doctor, so they tend to have reasonable toe room. If you usually go up a 1/2 for shoes because of the toe box, you may not need to do so for this brand.
  4. IMO both brands run TTS for me at least! :yes:
  5. They both run TTS for me, but I have narrow feet.
  6. In general, I'll wear a 7.5-8.0. I have two pairs of Cole Haan Fionas and they are size 8.0 and fit perfectly.
  7. Hm, I have wide feet too (maybe even extra-wide?), and I normally wear a 9.0 - 9.5. Cole Haan normal width 9s are too small for me, but 9.5 are okay. The 10s are way too big. At boutiques they have them in wides, and those fit a lot more comfortably.

    I only tried on one Taryn Rose in a 9 at Nordstrom Rack, and it was painfully tight. I couldn't get my feet in.
  8. I size half a size UP for Cole Haans. Their Nike Air line is truly amazing. I have a few shoes from that line one of them is 3.5" snakeskin sandals, I walked a mile in them and my feet felt ok!
  9. I have shoes in both brands. I wear a size 6 and the Taryn Rose are definitely TTS. My Cole Haans are pretty much TTS, but are a bit tighter than more other size 6 shoes.