Help! Need advice on matching purse/shoes/outfit

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  1. This is my first time on this site, I found it looking up pics of stars to try to find out what I can do with what I own for a "business casual, jeans ok" day with co-workers at a museum trip we are taking on company dime.

    I want to wear my brown leather sandals with a 2" heel (very comfy for being on feet all day), all my other nice heels are black, but not comfy for all day wear. I could probably get away with tennis shoes, but I want to look nicer than that.

    I have jeans, black or grey salcks.

    I have the following color assortment of tops that could work: blue, black, red.

    Purses: red leather (just bought it on a whim), cream leather, black Liz Claiborne leather and cotton with LC in rainbow colors all over, and a jean-blue and white pattent leather.

    Thanks ahead of time for any and all advice.:shrugs:
  2. If the jeans are dark denim, wear those with the sandals, red top, and cream leather purse. :tup:
  3. Thanks, I have dark and light , so I'll do the dark!!!