HELP! Need advice on Frye Harness boots, and have two problems.....

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  1. Hello guys! I need your help!

    I just purchased my first pair of Frye Harness boots off I got the 12R ones in black, and I LOVE THEM!!!!

    Here is my problem, first of all, I usually wear a size 6.5-7, and I ordered these in a 6.5, and they fit, but my heels are slipping slightly in the back as I walk in them, is this normal? Should my foot be slipping in these boots??? I am wondering if I should order these in a size 6, and break them in??

    Also, the boots I got in the mail were scratched, there are a few hairline, fingernail type scratches on the fronts of the boots, and a deeper one along the side, I should return these right??? I mean, I paid 222 dollars for these boots, I would expect them to be perfect right???

    Thanks, any advice would help me a lot!!!!!!!


  2. Anyone??? LOL

    Anyone own these Frye Harness boots, and can tell me if their feet slipped up in the back when they first wore them?? Thanks!!
  3. zappos is very good about returns/exchanges and if i paid that much, i would want perfect, too. i am not familiar with the harness boots, but i find in all of my fryes i have heel rubbing/slippage, but find if i size down, i can't get the boots on :/
  4. I just checked, mine slip as well. lengthwise it's good for me so I never sized down. I want my harness to be beat up so I personally wouldn't mind the scratches but I find that having scratches on boots is not that uncommon. Zappos are very good with returns so if they bother you, exchange them.
  5. I don't have the harness boots, but with in general boots with that have a similar heel height (such as all cowboy boots), the heels are supposed to slip a little. The instep area should be snug and fitted though, which is what keeps the boot on the foot.
    As long as the instep is fitted enough and the length fits, keep them. If they feel loose anywhere else besides the heel, then go down to a 6.

    With Zappos', you might as well take advantage of their free shipping/returns and exchange for a 6...see if they fit, then exchange back toa 6.5 if the 6's are too tight.