help!!! need advice on engagement ring!!!

  1. should i get it with or without the bagettes on the sides? i always wanted just one stone on a micropave setting.. but after seeing this ring that i have fallen in love with.. i wonder if it would look nicer with the bagettes or should i keep it the way it is? also the stone is a radiant .. is it a little to rectangle? should i change it to a cushion instead? ur advice is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. WOW!! Either is GORGEOUS!!

    However, I prefer the cleaner, simpler look of it WITHOUT bagettes:smile:

  3. I love both...I think the cushion cut without bagettes would look wonderful...Im partial to the cushion cut! (mine is a cusion and I love it!!) It does look rectangle to me but your wedding ring is such a personal preference. Im only sharing what I love. The setting is gorgeous by the way!
  4. I agree - without bagettes.
  5. *nods, another one for without! Gorgeous by the way!!!
  6. They are both gorgeous - pick the one you love more!

  7. yea! u cant go wrong w/ either. pick the one u love. and radiant stones are super yum! G'Luck.
  8. Without, gorgeous ring btw! Take the baguettes/money into another fab piece of jewerly, just my opionion.
  9. I agree, without.
  10. No bagettes, and square diamond. I am biased, my ering has an Assher.
  11. Definately no bagettes.
  12. :sweatdrop: thank you guys sooooooooooooooooooo much~ this has been such a on going debate ;) i knew i could count on the viewers on here~ ;)
  13. i say no baugettes and i personally prefer cushions to radiants. but get whatever one makes you happiest. they're both beautiful and you obviously have good's going to be beautiful no matter what you choose.
  14. I agree with no baguettes. They are both very pretty, though.
  15. both are beautiful!