Help! Need advice on classic flap stitching mishap!

  1. Hi guys!

    My auntie bought a small classic flap last july. she's only used it a couple of times but the last time (recently) the stitching came loose and the strap on one side is basically coming apart...

    She bought it from Wynn Las Vegas but because she does not reside there regularly we are hoping to take it to the nearest Chanel boutique (South Coast Plaza).

    Do you know what kind of fixes Chanel will offer? i am not sure they will exchange the bag even if she has her receipt since it's several months from when she purchased it...but it is a manufacturing defect...

    Thanks for any help you might have!
  2. I'm pretty sure Chanel/SCP will fix it at no charge. G/L
  3. yep they should offer repairs no matter how long you've got the bag for. i once bought a pair of Chanel sunnies and after a year or so there are cracks in one lens i took them back and they shipped back to the factory to replace the lens for me! that's what i call customer service :biggrin:
  4. Chanel has 1 year 'guarantee' (meaning free repairs) so your aunt is fine. Otherwise, they might charge you a slight repair fee. I've taken 3 bags in for stitching repair within 3 months (or less) of owning. No problems.

    Good luck!