HELP! Need Advice For Hayden-Harnett Havana Hobo

  1. I recently bought an Eggplant Havana Hobo from Luna Boston at a great price and I got it today. I absolutely love it and I've wanted it for so long! The leather is super soft, smells wonderful and better than I hoped. I bought an Eggplant Carryall during the sample sale and I was disappointed at how stiff and cheap the leather looked and felt. I've read similar negative reviews about the eggplant leather on tPF, but I was very happy to see that it wasn't the case this time!

    The reason I need advice is because I've been told that the Havanas from the previous season are softer and they have that beautiful silk floral lining of course. Seeing pictures of an older Eggplant Havana on tFS is how I found out about HH and inspired me to have one of my very own. I kind of wish that the one I got on LB had the silk lining, but it's still beautiful nonetheless.

    So I was wondering if I should keep this bag or I should just return the bag to LB in hopes that I'll come across an older Eggplant Havana?

    Thanks in advance. :flowers:
  2. novella, I would keep it. You answered your question in your second sentence: "I absolutely love it and I've wanted it for so long!"

    The older HHs in colors that pop are hard to come by - you might see one on eBay once in a while, but - ? I'd keep yours, especially since you got it at a great price.

    My 2 cents' worth!
  3. Eggplant is a newer color so I doubt there are any with the old silk lining.
  4. Keep it, you know what they say...a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush! (?) You love it, its brand new, keep it! If you must have a Havana with the floral lining..keep looking for it, check eBay etc. but you'll still have your brand new Eggplant Havana. This bag comes in a lot of colors and I cant even remember seeing Eggplant on eBay. Keep it.
  5. Oh yeah - the previous seasons' color was 'plum', rather than eggplant - that plum did have the silk lining - so keep your new beauty and keep an eye out on eBay for the one with the silky lining...
  6. Novella, there's now a plum Havana on eBay - just listed - has the floral silk lining and includes tassel too! And no, it's not my auction (or anybody I know).

    Item number 260206576252
  7. Keep it...I also just received my HH Havana Hobo. The difference in the new lining and the silk floral lining was on my mind when deciding to make the purchase. As it turns out, it is a minor aesthetic quality that I have not had a thought on ...
  8. I have the bag to which you are referring and can attest to the leather being ultra soft!!

  9. i tried the myspacefriends code just now and it totally worked!! THANK YOU GIRLS!
    i got the havana in ruby : )
    my search for the perfect leather slouchy hobo bag is finally over!
  10. what is the myspacefriends code good for?
  11. ^20% off reg prices
  12. I say keep the bag and get one of those sweet little coin purses so the interior of your bag is a little cuter:

    In fact you could get multiple coin purses: one for coins, of course, one for hair accessories (bobby pins, hair ties, etc), one for "lady-needs", one for gum...Imagine how pretty your purse would be then?

    In all honesty, I prefer the new lining because I'm always so worried about destroying linings, and the new lining seems like it is attached better to the bag. I think.

    keep the bag!