Help need advice asap

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  1. Ok here's the deal, my dream bag that I have been dying to get as my very first Chanel bag is the GST. It just seems so out of my reach so I decided to get bags I can use everyday. Although the caviar leather is very durable I know. Anyway I got the LV Damier Neverfull and the Chanel quilted coated canvas bowler from the PB spring 09 line. Sitting here I just realized I spent about 2200 overall. About the same price as my GST. What do i do? I am 31 a stay at home mom of a 19mth old and a soon to be 6 year old boy. I wanted a bag or bags i can use now. What do I do. I appreciate all of your help and input as i know there are so many knowledgable people on here.
  2. Knowing myself, i know i will get the one i first love even after i bought "replacements" of it which i thought i can make do with. :P

    If you have spare cash, probably u can get your dream GST bag later on? If not, u might want to consider returning the 2 bags and get your dream bag instead? ;)
  3. Thank you.. I am so cpnfused..i mean i know the Lv I can use everyday bringing my son to school an going food shopping with my little one. I mean would I do that with my GST? or would it end up just sitting there for Sundays at church or my shopping at Short Hills?
  4. The only bags that I purchase are Chanel. Whenever I purchase a different designer bag, I end up returning the bag because is is not CHanle. Honestly, I think this is a liitle over the top and a little variety would serve me well. There are so many beautiful bags that are not Chanel, I am just totally hooked. If the bag that you really want is the GST, you probably won't be satisfied until you have that bag. It is a great every day bag. BUT, that LV Neverful seems pefect for a mom with an 18 month old and it is a great bag. Perhaps you can check ebay and get both the GST and Neverful, there, for your $2200!
  5. I have thought about ebay however i am so afraid of being scammed and getting a fake bag. I don't have money rolling around. I sold my LV Manhattan PM on ebay and that started the funds..the SA at bloomies in nyc 59th street location said that this new quilted bowler would be perfect for me because it's durable and a good size. I would think he would want to make the sale but i am so confused. Thanks again to everyone for trying to help me. more help please..haI have seen some of your collections of chanel bags and they are gorgeaous. This is such a great site.
  6. I know this isnt about bags, but I was wanting a new watch recently. I looked at so many different ones which were cheaper than the one I really wanted - J12 (Chanel). I knew deep down that even if I bought a "cheaper" watch, I would still want the Chanel one ...... so I kept on saving and saving and managed to buy my dream watch a week ago.

    I would return the other 2 bags and get the one you really want but that is just my opinion. Good luck.
  7. what is a smart first chanel bag purchase.. please refer to original post for my age and lifestyle..ha not that uit matters with bags but i want to be able to use it.
  8. I am a mother two young girls (12 and 6). I have a bordeaux gst and love it. It's completely practical. Because it's caviar and a dark color I don't worry too much about it getting scratched or dirty.
  9. I have the Neverfull MM in Damier as well as the GST. All in all, I think the Neverfull is more practical, especially with a child. I have a toddler and I worry less about using my Neverfull than my GST. The Neverfull holds much more than the GST, probably because it is less structured. I even use my Neverfull as a diaper bag on occassion. Also, the Damier pattern doesn't scream LV, so I don't worry about where I carry the bag versus the GST which has the big CC on the front of it. For me, I can't see carrying my GST to Target, but have no problem carrying my Neverfull.

    So, I guess what I am trying to say is keep the Neverfull and enjoy it! And, don't settle if you want the GST. Return the bowler and save the money for a GST when you have the funds to purchase it.
  10. how can I authenticate a bag.. I went to authenticate this chanel and it said closed..[​IMG]


    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
  11. thank much
  12. Its a tote (black tho) that I want myself. Not cos I have children, but cos it would take all my cr*p each day!! Good luck with the authentication etc.
  13. yea that's exactly what I mean.. I need a bag that can be really used.. lambskin is gorgeous and I absolutley love the lambskin bags but I could never use it everyday.
  14. I am wanting cavier - have a cavier wallet and its brilliant for everyday use.