Help! Need advice after receiving a damaged RM MA bag from shopbop

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    So I thought i'd take advantage of the Shopbop sale and bought the black/black basket weave morning after bag for 399. I'm from Australia so shipping here was actually $60+ dollars. Normally I don't shop from Shopbop BECAUSE of their shipping, but the times that i have bought stuff everything went very well with no complaints.

    I receive my bag and was sooo excited - the leather is yum and the brassware not as tarnished as i thought it would be after reading the reviews here. But then I saw this big scratch on the front pocket. it goes through the leather but luckily not through the pocket. its noticeable to me but I guess eventually all bags get a bit knocked up ?

    I don't think returning it is an option because the cost of shipping etc will be almost a quarter of what the bag was worth in the first place. I've already written Shopbop a very pissed off message for selling me a bag with a big scratch on it.

    Does anyone have any tips on ways i can contain the damage or make it better? I know there probably isn't but i also needed to vent :cursing:

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  2. oh no! now i am worried...i just ordered a RM MA bag from shopbop this afternoon....i think maybe you should try and call the number and see what they can do for you because honestly i think if it is noticeable to you then it is not acceptable!! sure, purses get scratched up after a while but not when theyre brand new!! good luck!!
  3. That's horrible! Any chance the damage was caused by shipping/customs?

    I would call Shopbop and demand a refund on shipping (at the very least). If they are good, they will exchange your bag, discount shipping AND give you some kind of credit for future use.
  4. Yeh, i think i will try to call them.... its just one scratch though - but its long and nocticeable to me... didn't have much luck posting the picture but i'll try again soon. the bag itself is beautiful and i can see myself buying the mini.
  5. I'm not sure it could have because it was well wrapped up in the box. I wrote them a pretty angry message via their website and will try and call them tonite (which will be day time over there). Unfortunately that means staying up quite late to make the call
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    Not sure if these photos do it justice... but the scratch is actually through the leather like a cut
  7. its their fault for shipping a defective bag, they should pay for your return shipping. Insist that they do!
  8. I hope I can provide you some info. I received a red pen marked juicy hoodie before, after talked to rep, they did provide me free return and refund as well. Although it was on sale and states final sale nonrefundable.:yes:
  9. I actually really like the bag and its just this one flaw that really really annoys me. I would like to exchange it for another one but I think I bought the last one because after my order processed there were no more black/black weave bags left. Ironically it had been there on the site, then disappeared, then reappeared so I'm wondering if it had been a return for the same reason.
  10. Have you tried a moisturizer to see if that helps at all? I got an Anna Corinna bag from Revolveclothing that had a weird dent in the leather. They were really nice and offered me an exchange or 10% off of the one I got, so I took the latter. I used some moisturizer, and the damage diminished.
  11. What moisturizer did you use titania?
  12. I have to tell you that bag is gorgeous! It does look like a scratch to me but if it were mine I would probably be on the floor clutching it and demanding revenge. Customs has destroyed 3 of the items I have sent overseas-insurance was able to replace the initial cost. Was the bag insured? Shonda
  13. I used Applegarde. Always test first to make sure it doesn't remove the color.
  14. I'm not sure about the insurance. Damn, wish I had thought of that when I called, but not sure how I would go about claiming?

    I just got off the phone to shopbop and they were actually really nice. I find it hard to be mad at someone when they're nice (not sure if that's a good thing). I asked if I could swap it with the same colour but they were out of stock with no plans to re-order. I asked if it had been a previous return but she couldn't tell on her database. My husband inspected the scratch and he said it looked like someone had cut through it by accident. I suspect maybe whoever had the bag before used a knife to open the box or maybe it was customs after all?

    The Shopbop customerservice rep did offer to refund the shipping cost for an exchange or to give me a further discount and sell it at a 'final sale' price and refund me the difference to my card. I chose the final sale option because I wasn't a big fan of the white/brown combo (I have a few white bags already) and the discounted price would make it more than 50% off the sale price. I did also ask for her to send a confirmatory email as well so hopefully my card will be creditted soon. Hopefully that process will go smoothly...

    Now I just need to go and buy that moisturiser and do a test patch.