Help! Need advice about scary neighbor!

  1. Hey Guys-

    So, I live in the upstairs unit of a small, quiet apartment complex and have a new neighbor down below. He has been living there for several months now with a young girl (probably about 10), who I assume to be his daughter. I don't think there is any sort of motherly figure present in the home, but I rarely see them to really know. Over the past several months, I have seen the man maybe 3 times and the daughter once outside the apartment--I have never conversed with either.

    Over the past few weeks, they have gotten EXCEPTIONALLY noisy. At first, it was nothing but loud television playing, but it has gotten much worse. I constantly hear the man yelling at the child, followed by her screaming/crying back, and then generally I hear multiple loud thuds and door slamming following this. It is pretty much on a daily basis at this point. However, several hours ago, I was sitting here and all of the sudden hear the man screaming "Put the knife down". At first I figured I could not be hearing this right, but he kept yelling it over and over and I am quite confident that is what he was saying. Since then, it has been constant yelling and screaming back and forth, followed by slams and thuds.

    This is obviously quite upsetting and obnoxious, and I am concerned for the girl's safety. I don't know whether or not I should call the police if this continues, and I must admit that I fear for my own safety if I decide to. I am 23, live alone, and am about 110 lbs. I do not want this guy assuming or figuring out it was me who called and starting problems with me. The unit next door to him is vacant, so I am sure he would deduce that it was me complaining.

    What do you guys think? I feel awful for this poor girl, but I don't know where to draw the line between what is and isn't my business. Sorry the post is so long, but I would really appreciate any advice!
  2. If it flares up again and it sounds suspicious, call the police and have them check it out. Don't confront the guy and don't tell him you're going to call the police.

    The police are not going to say "Emily83 called us to check it out." They're going to say, "We got a call about . . . . "

    If there's anything unseemly, they'll figure it out.
  3. You're in an apartment building, so he could assume that anyone else in the building could have called them.

    And if you're concerned, mention to the police you suspect some sort of backlash if he finds out it was you.
  4. Thanks for the response Caitlin! I know the police wouldn't tell him who called, but my concern is that I really am the only logical person who would have done it (because of how the building is laid out and how small it is), I think he would figure it out on his own which is what really makes me nervous.
  5. Call the police for sure! You wouldn't want anyone to get hurt if you couldu call the cops and prevent it.
  6. Make sure they see you leaving the apt. and go to a phone booth and call the police. You never know what the situation is, but your phone call could save this little girls life. Even if they do not see you leave, please call for the safety of this little girl....please call
  7. Call the police immediatly when you hear something like that. If it is quiet this weekend, on Monday call child services.

    No and ifs or buts.
  8. OMG this sounds like a weird situation & very worrying, maybe he is even holding the girl against her will. I completely understand your fear but this girl really may be at risk, call the police.
  9. Although the child is not personally related to you (hence, your confused misguided feeling that this is "none of your business"), we are talking about a child's safety. Your phone call could save this girl's life.
    The man (who you presume to be the father) also needs help.

    Please call the police and please also call Children's Aid.
    Do not be afraid to call.
  10. I would definitely, definitely call the police the next time you hear anything strange.
  11. Call the police, please.
  12. The police and Children's Aid would not tell him that you called, nor would they say that a tenant in this building called.

    Are there other apartment buildings or houses on your street? Because if there are, technically any of the neighbours could have heard the noises, therefore the man would not necessarily assume that it was you who phoned.
  13. Have you notified the building's management about this situation? That might be a good place to start. And also call the police.

  14. ITA!! Def. call for the little girl but make sure you are safe too :smile:

    Make sure to tell the police that you want to remain anonymous.

    Just in case, I would take precautions such as getting your mail during the day, making sure doors are locked, etc.

    Not to scare you, but my cousin was attacked by two men last year. Ever since, I carry a whistle that is attached to my key ring at all times just in case. Pepper spray is a good idea as well.
  15. OMG how scary for everyone involved. I agree don't hesitate to call and if he comes up to confront you than jsut call the cops, they will already know there is issue with this guy.