help-need a white tote

  1. my mom has a LV shoulder bag (croissant MM) but it's too small for her. i think a tote would be perfect so she can carry all her stuff. i'm a LV girl, but she wants a white bag so i'm here! hehhe. i really don't know anything about chanel except for the 2.55 classic flap and cambon bags. i don't think she will find the straps on the cambon comfortable.... so can you please recommend a white tote besides the cambon? size wise, anything including and between the cabas piano and mezzo would be idea. pics would be REALLY helpful seeing the chanel website isn't very informative. please help. thanks!!! :flowers:
  2. What about teh Grand Shopping Tote or the Petit Shopping Tote?
    I don't have a pic of it in white, but I have one in black, this is teh Grand in black/gold:
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1332.jpg
  3. that's really nice! how much is it if you don't mind me asking?

    also, can someone name the different types of chanel totes? are there a lot? if there's too many... nm. i wish there was a website or something with all the different types of bags. :sad:
  4. The Grande is $1650-1895 and the petit is $1095 I believe.

    Honestly, there's too many to name, Chanel has a TON of styles and doesn't discontinue too often so as you can imagine, if they introduce a dozen totes a season every year . . . well, there's a lot!

    This Forum has a ton of pics, look through here, most titles reveal that there are pics inside.
  5. ^^ i didn't know chanel had a lot of styles! lol. i really am a chanel newbie. i'm just familar with the cambon and the classic flap so... my chanel knowledge is almost non-existant. :blush:

    thanks for the pdf files pelinaka! it was really helpful.

    i was looking around and i think the cerf tote might be even better for my mom. she really likes the things subtle and i think she'll LOVE the non-quilted material. thanks for the input. :flowers:
  6. You're welcome sara! Good luck on finding the right tote for your mom
  7. I have the off-white luxury tote, its great!!
    If you go a bit back, you can find the thread with lots of pics!
  8. best of luck on finding a white tote for your mom.
  9. I'm SO glad you found something you think she'll like!
    Does the Cerf comes in white{?} Also, check out the Mademoiselle line {also not sure if available in white} you two may really like that.
  10. my mom and i went to check out the cerf tote in soho yesterday! she LOVED the smaller one in biege; unfortunately, she didn't like the mademoiselle closure and prefers the cc closure like the one she saw on the larger cerf they had there. the SA told me that the smaller cerf doesn't come in the CC closure. is this true? having seen a pic of a small cerf in black on the message board, i can't believe this. do they no longer make it?
  11. I think that's true; the bag with the cc closure only comes in one size, the larger size.