HELP!! need a travel / diaper all around bag!! Chloe paddy VS Balenciaga PT or work

  1. I have been collecting mostly paddies and LVs.

    Now i need something for travel that can double up as a diaper bag/ work bag on days that I am not travelling.

    Please help me decide between a large front pocket Paddington in mouse VS a BBag anthracite or steel that's part time size or work size??

    I would like to take durability, style and price into consideration. What would be longer lasting and yet look so good as it ages that I would still use it??? style wise and durability wise???
  2. as much as i love chloe i have to advise against paddingtons as diaper bags because they are much heavier than b bags, however i also love balenciaga and used them all the time when my kids were little and they were perfect! light and easy to carry and because of the distressed look i never felt i had to baby them (the bags not the kids). i would just make sure to try a work first since the handles cannot be carried over the shoulder with a coat which may not be an issue for you but was a problem for me...hope that helps!
  3. I definitely would not suggest the paddy... I don't think it can even fit all the baby necessities plus it'll be heavy.
  4. I love paddys :heart: & I love bbags too :heart:

    I wouldn't suggest paddy as a travel/diaper bag... is too heavy!!!

    Go for bbags :tup:
  5. definitley not a paddy.....I have a edith (which is lighter than a paddy) that I use as a diaper/all around bag and it still gets pretty heavy....
  6. D & G, Dolly, Mona - thanks for all your advice... I guess I will go for my first BBag then.

    I have been at authenticate this bal for the past 5 days and haven't found my bag yet.
    And, my chloe front pocket have been authenticated already.

    Wish me luck you guys!!! :wlae::wlae:
  7. I'm going to be the rebel and say paddy tote from spring '07 (which is lighter than regular paddy) instead of bbag for this purpose. I have and LOVE both but find that the bbag is harder to get into while you are on the move because the handles are short. Paddy tote handles are longer, therefore the bag hangs lower to your side - easier to get into while it hangs on your shoulder KWIM?

    Here is a photo for comparison:
    IMG_0101trim.jpg IMG_0069.jpg IMG_0474_1.jpg IMG_0488.jpg
  8. Based on your original question, the paddy tote would be the most durable and last the longest with a minimum of care and still look great! I had a taupe tote that I adored!!

    However: it weighs a ton. Since that wasn't one of your original criteria, maybe that's not a problem for you. If you don't mind a bag adding an extra 5.5 lbs to your carriables, go for the Paddy Tote :tup:

    If weight is a consideration, go for a Balenciaga Work.

    My paddy tote was so heavy that I couldn't carry my laptop in without getting shoulder cramps ;)

    So I sold it and bought several BBags in the Work style: PERFECT!!!! They are light, easy to use and gorgeous. The only drawback is that while they are extremely durable, they show wear very quickly. The lighter colors "patina" (darken) and the corners are prone to scuffing.

    Good luck :flowers: Either way, you will be one stylish mommy :heart:
  9. I had a work as a diaperbag but sold it thinking I coudn't manage without the shoulderstrap, got a few cities but they are definately too small to carry all the babystuff, I then got a 2 "days" and really ended up liking it best (really roomy and shoulderstrap) my little son is 19 months now and I still carry a lot but really want to get a work again since with the paddy and spy I ve gotten used to carry the bag in the crook of my arm and it works fine.
    There is also the partime which is rather roomy but lacks depth so it can't fit a laptop.

    So it all depends on how you like to carry your bag...the paddy leather is not so much prown to get scratched or scuffs as hmwe46 said but the tote is really havy ........
  10. so now i should probably look for either a day or a part time...
    enlighten me more though... what is the size difference?
    both are still being made?
    both have detachable shoulder straps?
    thanks for your help!!!:idea:
  11. the day is more of a hobo shape with one strap and the drop is long enough to easily wear on your shoulder even with a thick jacket or coat, they were my favorite diaper bags (you can also check the balenciaga forum for photos)