help! need a pencil skirt!

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  1. hi guys

    i need to find a white pencil skirt, which you would THINK would be easy, but im having such a hard time! :sad:

    i want just a plain, classic, white pencil skirt. the material doesn't matter to me as much, but NOT satin. something i can wear to work, or out to a nice dinner.

    ive checked banana, zara, bebe, but havent had any luck. i want to spend under $100.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Hi, do you need the skirt in a hurry?

    I am not sure if she does custom work, you might wish to contact her on this site to see if she will make a pencil skirt in white for you?

    flytie (also has a ********** sewfly)



    I've seen a pencil skirt on her site (, maybe you can ask her if she will make a pencil skirt in white?

    Not a pencil skirt but it's an example of her work:
  3. Arden B has pencil skirts and it's only $9 at the outlet! I It's very nice and sexy. I bought two. You should check it out
  4. Look on'm pretty sure that they may have what you are looking for!
  5. I have a bunch of pencil skirts from true religion, 7 for all mankind and citizens. try Macys or norstroms.
  6. thanks! i think im gonna go to Nordies today