Help! Need a new bag for under $800!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forum but I thought I would just jump right in, excited about hearing any replies/advice from you all!
    I am looking for a new bag, it should be around $800 (a little more is okay, too, but definitely not more than $1000).
    - I really want it to last longer than a season, so nothing too trendy.
    - Something simple, chocolate brown, burgundy, or tan.
    - Fairly structured
    - no LV and no marc jacobs
    - nothing with overly prominent labels! (i.e. no monograms/huge brand buckles, etc)

    Any suggestions you can give would be very much appreciated!! Also, I live in NY so could go to the brick-and-mortar stores if you know a bag that isn't available online...

    An example of a bag I love (something along these lines would be perfect!)

    Kooba paige:
    eLUXURY - Kooba - Paige Large Shoulder Bag Kooba,leather shoulder bag, kooba ba

    Thanks so much!!:smile::smile:
  2. have u ever seen a gryson bag? designed by joy gryson, former designer for marc jacobs.
  3. Have you looked at Botkier? I think you'd like their bags, plus their all under your price limit.
  4. Gryson's Skye ($695) in Chocolate.
    Available at NM/BG, ThePurseStore, and ShopTwigs.
    (source: & NM online)
  5. Gryson's Sophie ($825) comes in Burgundy; there's also a smaller version called Ava ($775). Gryson bags have suede lining.
    (source: & NM online)
  6. How about any of the classic lines from Gucci?
  7. Yea a leather Gucci would be nice and in your price range. There are such a thing as non monogrammed Guccis. Some people only see the Mono Gucci and are turned off by that. I know I was originally.
  8. I agree, They are super bags. Here are pics of the trigger and clyde from the NM website.
    botkier1.jpg botkier2.jpg botkier3.jpg
  9. Mulberry Bayswater?
  10. Mike & Chris Cooper Leather Saddle activeendeavors.jpg Mike & Chris Austin Leather Saddle.jpg
  11. Hey Sadie,

    Did you find a bag yet? I was in a similar position a few weeks ago. I needed a new purse, but didn't want something overly played out and too fashiony. My friend told me about a line of bags that Mike & Chris made that were really cool, so I bought a Berkeley bag.

    Active Endeavors | Shopping --- Mike & Chris

    or Mike & Chris

    The Berkeley was really perfect for me cuz it's really chic and matches almost any casual outifit. I got it in a brown color. The bag is big so you can fit a bunch of stuff inside it, but its always comfortable because of the leather they use. I've put magazine and water bottles inside and my shoulders never hurt.

    Check it out. Hope that helps
  12. I love that bag that bag.lover posted.