HELP! Need a Korean-speaking DJ for an upcoming wedding in LA!

  1. My cousin is getting married at the end of May. She's asked me if I could help her find a korean speaking dj for her wedding. Can anyone recommend someone? TIA!!!!:smile:
  2. My cousin is an awesome DJ but he does not speak korean! Good luck!
  3. Sorry can't help! But I'm Korean and I'm in LA. :biggrin:
  4. How old is ur cousin? My friend's aunt had a DJ come out to her house for a party last summer...he was the more older crowd DJ tho. I'm pretty sure he's from some radio show...and he's korean!
  5. If you still have no luck try craigslist or something, seriously, there are some nice people out there that may come through with some help.
  6. she's in her early 30s. if you know of anyone, PM me! Thanks!
  7. Did you check the local message board on The Knot? I remember when I was getting married in So Cal a lot of girls were asking about bilingual DJs and MCs and there were tons of Asian suggestions...