Help !!!! Need a decision before 5..EST

  1. I had purchased 2 Ergo large hobos in the PCE event. Once Camel and one black. My SA has one in white. And, she loves big bags. They are really too big for my frame and I do not have enough to really fill them up. I just cannot take them back to my store for personal friendship with one SA who is pregnant and leaving. So they are going back to the outlet today at 5 and I will lose the 25% off. But they are on charges and I certainly could use the money back. There are 2 bags I ordered, besides, a Khaki and Espresso 10338, the smaller version of the Ali coming ....and a Whiskey smaller Ali which I love but every damn time I try it on it kills my sciatica.and discs from a car accident...Both are 25% off and would be credits...not really needed at this time...and I do have both in zips.... signature and whiskey...What to do..should I return the Whiskey Ali and keep the zip....that is the only one, I wish, wish did not hurt me. I have the wallet too, the french one with pink and it fits in the whiskey zip. legacy wristlet too. So should I return the whiskey flap ..I am sure it hurts my back...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. Hate to part with that one...Answers please before DH returns at the outlet
  2. if it hurts your back you should return it.
  3. LOL why did I have to use a thousand words to figure that out...????Thanks!!!!! I will miss it...I always do... :heart: