Help! Need a choco brown clutch for sundress

  1. Hey all,

    Finally a real vacation...BF and I are off to Laguna Beach, all expenses paid, at the end of March for a trip he won through his work! :yahoo: We're so excited to get out of still-chilly Seattle and enjoy the beautiful sun and scenery.

    My other trips of late have been work related, putting together pretty understated looks, so I'm having a blast putting together a wardrobe for FUN.

    Anyway, I found a really fun sundress (pic attached, sorry a little blurry) and I need a chocolate brown clutch or wristlet to go with it for a casual luncheon. There is cream and khaki green in the dress, but as you can see there is a lot going on with the pattern, so most of my bags (LV mono and Coach signature) are no-go's as that's way too much pattern on pattern. I have a really cute chloe clutch but she is black.

    Here's a few ideas I'm considering...any thoughts or something else completely different? I would really like to stick with a choco brown, as I'm wearing choco brown high wedges (cole haan) but maybe cream is OK - ?

    I'd like to keep it under $500 if possible.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs wristlet (wish it was darker)

    kate spade

    I've also considered a small Michael Michael Kors shoulder bag...


    Coach legacy wristlet in whiskey

    I also love the LV Epi honfleur, but it's only in black...
    Kooba clutch... I tried this on today at Nordstrom but it's a little 'clunky' compared to the flowy jersey of the sundress

    TIA, everyone! XXXOO
    maggie london dress (2).jpg
  2. I like the Kooba best, I like the contrast with the flowiness of the dress, actually.
  3. attachment.jpg
  4. ^ cool, thanks for that input!
  5. My gosh, wiggligirl...I was going to say the same thing...*exactly. I like the Kooba and the contrast with the dress is great, imo, too.

    Pursegrrl...Have a FABULOUS time, whichever bag you choose. Hope the weather is perfect for you two. :smile:
  6. Thank you both so much!! I do love the Kooba but wasn't sure how it would look with the dress at the time. Now that I've had a chance to look at it again with the dress, plus your input it is definitely a possibility. And, the price is right and it will work with jeans and a t-shirt going out too. My wedges are pretty chunky so they do have some good heft in comparison to the dress itself. guys rock!:heart:
  7. I love the Kooba as well!

    Have a wonderful trip!!!
  8. Wow gorge dress, yet again something else that's not available in the UK.
  9. oh wow, I love it...thanks for that!! :heart: