Help - Need a Chanel bag that actually stays comfortably on shoulder!

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  1. My title says it all. I recently bought a GST for work, but when i took it out yesterday, it just refused to stay on no matter what i tried, even with the crossing of the straps. I know there's a lot of threads on here about that, so I won't whine more about it.

    I posted a thread in the general bags sub-forum to get a feel of what everyone feels is comfy for their shoulders, but i'd looove to get chanel-specific opinions since i just adore chanel. i already have a jumbo flap, which i loove, but that's not that great for work. help! :shrugs:
  2. The accordion flap! It fits perfectly and doesn't slip at all!!!
  3. ITA on the accordian flap or the expandable flap (it has one strap) or if you can find it or wait till fall the diamond stitch tote.
  4. Agree with Kimalee. The straps of accordian flap stay on nicely and are comfy. The other one that I like when trying it on is the expandable flap (newer version in Roey's avatar).
  5. i will have to agree, the expandable (the newer ones with ONLY 1 strap) is very comfy, and my soon to come bubble bag also 1 strap =)
  6. my GST did the same thing when I first got it..but after wearing it a bit the straps now "fit" my shoulder and no longer fall off
  7. thanks for the advice guys. i've heard that the GST straps kind of mold to your shoulders after a while...i wonder why? i dunno, so annoying carrying it around i have to keep pushing it back up or keep holding onto it.

    i'm not a huge fan of the accordian or expandable, but i love the diamond stitch...when will it be re-released in the fall? what colors will it come in?
  8. Diamond stitch tote stays comfortably on the shoulder.
  9. my gst wont stay either...but i found a way to solve the problem
    however it may sounds a llittle funny
    i went to the drug store and checked the insole section
    i found one think fabric pack/cushion (forgot what it called sorry) that it is square shape, and i can cut it by myself. BTW, this cushion has tape on the back.
    so i cut two slices from the cushion and simply stick it on the back side of the GST handle and it will stay!

    but it might effect the looking a bit ... since my bag is black and the cushion is skin color

    hopefully it helps
  10. I absolutely like my Diamond Stitch tote, but it hurts my shoulder so bad when I carry it around for a whole day. The straps themselves are a bit heavy, but never fall off.

    It will be available this Fall in black and white.
  11. I would suggest a Vintage ligne tote. It sits comfy on your shoulder and it's light weight and soft soft soft leather.
  12. A classic flap. I love them so much and its so comfy.
  13. you know what, that is a great idea. i actually thought of it yesterday but kinda laughed at myself for thinking it, but it really could work! i will go scour duane reade in a bit to see what black cushions i can come back with....:P
  14. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! I have a large DS flap from 2006 but it has a leather shoulderstrap thing at the top so no problems with it digging in.
  15. Diamond stitch tote has straps like the Jumbo flap. If the jumbo worked for you, the DS should be ok.
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