Help! Need a bag advice!

  1. Ok, I know I'm bad....

    Just got a N/S small tote and love it! But now I want another, whats wrong with me!!?!?

    I saw a girl in my building with a rock and chain hobo.. I think..but I can't really tell( she walks too fast) but I think I want it...not sure though. I had the coco cabas, it didn't do anything for me and I'm getting ready to sell my luxe bowler..and I dont like the cambon collection... (sorry picky) So whats left for me?

    I'm 23 and I want a bag that screams CHANEL!

    I don't want a small bag, I want something that will hold all my crap, without having to dig to the bottom of it!

    I need your help... please. Thanks
  2. The GST definitely screams Chanel. There are always the classic flap as well.

    I suggest taking a stroll through the reference library (hehe). It's great.

    I'm not a huge fan of the rock and chain hobo to be honest.
  3. Any other advice ?
  4. classic flap or jumbo flap are chanel's classy styles