Help Need 5 Sofas

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  1. I have a new home and no sofas at all in the house
    I need 5 Sofas so I must find good prices.

    Any Suggestions on companies I could try
    I had my heart set on custom sofas
    but If there is a company that offers
    great fabric choices that will work.

    A friendwas told to try companies
    in China but I can not find any informtaion
    on the net.

    Help !!!:confused1:
  2. pottery barn? not sure what you are looking for
  3. What do you consider a good price?
    Bought a lot of sofas over the years.
    Hancock & Moore I think is the best quality. The Hermes of sofas.
    You should be able to get a discount if you order 5 at once. 30% is not unheard of. We've gotten up to 40% off when ordering several pieces from decorators.

    If you like Hermes, you'll love Hancock & Moore. Probably 300 leather styles & colors to pick from.
  4. check furniture stores in your area.

    you can also try target, they have super cute stuff if you are looking to just fill it temporarily and then upgrade later
  5. 5?? How many living rooms do you have?/?
  6. Your family must do a lot of sitting.

    I would see what the decorator can do for you, and also just check furniture stores, if you can find a store that has 5 if you like, somebody there will be able to make you a deal!
  7. how about ikea?
    their sofas are basic but covers for them (that fit like aglove not just a throw) come in a huge range of colours or you could have covers custom made for them.
  8. You guys are horrible! In a good way :smile: I was thinking about getting some more furniture for my sitting room and now this thread has rewet my appetite.