HELP! NAP or LVR for the Taupe...


Feb 20, 2006
OK help forumettes!

I placed an order with LVR for the Taupe satchel, but it hasn't shipped. Now that it's on NAP, I'm tempted to cancel my order, and buy it from NAP instead. Does anyone have issues with cancelling from LVR? It should be fine considering they haven't shipped it yet? Help!

Or should I just stick to LVR and wait.. because it is cheaper from there anyway? Argh. :blink:
I don't know how easy it will be to cancel with LVR - they're not too good with responding to emails. I would just wait if I were you and save $ in the process. But I know how you feel - the waiting is painful lol!
When is the taupe supposed to arrive at LVR? If it is coming in in a week or two, you might just stick with will save $$$. I never received a shipping notification or any response to my e-mail, so I don't know how hard it would be to cancel. But someone posted (on another thread) a person who speaks English at LVR who you can call if you wanted to switch to NAP (and good times to reach her).
Thanks tod and ET. Yes.. it's impossible to wait! And it doesn't help that I'm really impatient! I feel like I've been going on about this bag for months, when actually it's probably only been a week. Haha.

You're both right. I think it's worth waiting to save on $$. It's really pricey on NAP!

OK. I must find something to distract me from the wait. :wacko: