HELP! NAP int'l vs americas

  1. So I placed my order on the Americas site (for the Tobacco paddy) and it came up as 940 USD. Apparently, on the int'l site, (and i checked too), it comes up to 800 USD!! The only difference is ONE day in shipping!

    What should I do? It's the equivalent of like 200 CDN... which is really a lot for me :sad:...

    And i KNOW once I get the paddy, i'll be so annoyed at the price discrepancy i won't be as happy with it even though it was still such a good deal.

    i called NAP but they just told me to email customer care.

    i didn't want to pay and extra 140 just for a day of shipping :sad:

    any suggestions would help
  2. i once had a price discrepancy problem with them and it took awhile (a few calls and emails) but finally i found someone who was willing and able to help and i was refunded the difference. good luck! (i guess your other option would be to order another through the international site and see if you can cancel the first or return it if the shipping costs would be less than the price difference...)?
  3. nycmom, you have no idea how much better you made me feel!

    can i possibly pm you about how you went about doing this? as in the steps you took?

    thank you SO much for posting... i was so worried. $140 is a lot!
  4. please feel free to pm me although i have to warn you i'm not sure i remember all the details (and the situation was slightly different)...i just know i called and emailed A LOT until i reached someone who understood and could help...i also found the people who answer the phones for ordering aren't really able to do much and i had to contact the office which took awhile, especially with the time difference...if i can think of anything else i'll let you know but also please don't hesitate to pm me any time!
  5. some people have said that it's not hard returning an item, even a sale item.. so perhaps you could buy both, then return the first one for a small shipping fee?
  6. i just wanted to say that you guys are AWESOME :smile:

    esp nycmom... thank you so much for helping me out!

    i just received an e-mail from NAP and they will be refunding me the difference.

    AWESOME customer service!

    i can't wait to place my next purchase :biggrin: (from the international site of course!)
  7. :yahoo: i'm so happy it all worked out!!!
  8. Hi:

    I too am in the same situation that Exquisite was (Canadian too) and I was wondering if you could explain how you went about getting your refund? Thanks!
  9. Hi,

    I'm so happy for you that you got your money back:yahoo: .....Someone else contacted me about the same problem and she will contacting you for the refund details...So what did the say about the price discrepency???:shame:

    BTW, I got mine today and I love it except it soooo heavy with the lock, but without it it wouldn't be a Chloe!!!:confused1:
  10. they said that right now they are currently investigating the way duties/customs are charged on each site... hopefully they make it more fair!

    i know, i didn't expect it to me so heavy!

    but i love it all the same :heart:
  11. This is so interesting. I'd noticed the same pricing differences (it shows up on every order, basically) and so I've still been ordering from the International site, as well.

    I don't find that it takes very long to get to me, anyway -- even when shipped from London.
  12. just a warning...the only problem with ordering from the international site when you're in the states is that if you want to return anything the duty charges are not refunded