Help NAP confusion

  1. I am hoping that some of you experts can help answer a question about ordering from the international site. I am looking at a bag that is 587 pounds with 102 of taxes (VAT). I would have thought that the VAT taxes would go away and be replaced with the 10% US duties. However when I go to check out the bag price is increased from 587 pounds to 666 pounds and then duties and shipping are extra. At this price it is almost full retail on a bag that is supposed to be 40% off. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks!
  2. I had something like this happen to me before.
    When you buy from the international site the price they post includes the VAT so when you check out the actual price of the item is reduced (first line in price details and then they add the taxes and shipping.
  3. There was a reduction just not the amount of the VAT. The bag is 689 (587 bag price and 102 VAT). When you go to check out the bag price changes from 587 to 666 and the 102 VAT is replaced with $60 duties and 15 pounds of shipping). Just doesn't make sense....
  4. there is definitely something wrong with the way they caluculate in the INTL site!
  5. As I understand it, the NAP international site shows the prices *with* taxes for your particular country, unless you choose an EU country as your country of residence. The prices for me are without UK VAT, but *with* sales taxes for my country. Customs duties are not the same as sales taxes, and these are then added, together with shipping.

    Only LVR shows prices with Italian VAT, and this VAT then goes away on check-out.

  6. Perhaps if you call the SA's in NY they could help and assist you with this purchase from London. You live in the states right?
  7. Great idea thanks!
  8. I have another NAP question. I live in the States. Will I have to pay customs duties in addition to the final total on the NAP page? For example, (i'm just making up numbers here), if the final total from NAP- bag, shipping, and whatever else, is $750, will I be charged something else when it enters the states, or will my final out of pocket amount be $750?
    Thanks in advance!
  9. If you buy from the international site, the total price ($750 in your example) is the final price. They send internationally using DHL with the DDP option; i.e. Delivery Duty Paid, meaning that all duties and taxes have already been paid in advance.