Help! Naming baby after LV?

  1. Sorry if this is totally of topic but I trust you guys. So I have to ask.... I'm due anyday now with a baby girl. I was thinking about naming her Vuitton or Vuittona, but I'm afraid people would think I'm a crazy LV addict. Any suggestions will be great!! Thanks guys.:confused1:
  2. Why Not Louisa???
  3. LOL that is too cute~! IMO though I like Vuittona better than Vuitton... *slightly* less obviously LV!
  4. Congratulations - almost there!! I like the Louisa suggestion. What about Elle? I'm not crazy about the two you suggested, sorry. They seem more masculine to me. Vuitton would be a cool name for a guy, I think.
  5. ITA! Louisa is cute too, have you consider names form different line or Louis pieces also?
  6. Louisa is beautiful!

    Mmmm - I'm not crazy about associating children's name with a brand. Talk to all those Edsels out there. You never know what the future connotation will be.
  7. I agree, go with a purse name, ie: Jasmin, Audra...etc...
  8. Alma, Epi, Vernis.
  9. wow Louisa is beautiful! *makes notes for future use*

    i dont think you should call her anything too blatant or she might be poked fun at when shes older, but if you love it then do it!! be free to call your child whatever you wish :smile:

    and congrats! xx
  10. I'm sorry if I get flamed for this, but please consider a bit. Your love for Loius Vuitton may be transitory, but your baby's got to live with the name you give for their whole life!
  11. I like Eliza. That's the next purse I want.
  12. Saleya!!!
  13. naming a baby after a bag line ...i love LV but i think thats too crazy
  14. It's not like im considering calling her Sparky. I just woke up thinking that the name Vuittona was pretty. But initially we were thinking about Ariel. I just want to be sure before I name here. This is my second child. My first is a boy so there weren't much of name options...but girls have soo many pretty names to choose from.
  15. Hey I kinda like the name Saleya. Thanks! ;)