**HELP** NAME of this bag & RETAIL PRICE

  1. I recieved this as a gift and never used it. Does any one know the names and retail prices of these two bags? Are they still available in stores? THANKS

  2. I am pretty sure that the purple one is considered a cosmetic case. The other doesn't really have a name. If you give me the numbers on the leather tabs on the inside I can tell you the exact name and price. It would be like 8BR... or something along those lines.
  3. on the purple one i see -

    on the shiny hologram its - 245075

    does this help?
  4. I forgot to check today but I will check for you tomorrow.
  5. It's called: Big cosmetic case zucchino/calf. Color lilac. From Spring Summer 04. Retail price was $215.