*HELP* NAME of this bag & RETAIL PRICE

  1. I recieved this as a gift and never used it. Does any one know the name and retail price of this bag? Was it limited edition? THANKS

  2. I think it's the Holiday Patchwork Top Handle Pouch??
    Around $200-$250 if I'm not mistaken. May be less, like in the upper $150-$200s.
  3. it's definately a patchwork pouch but i just don't know which one...i know that it's an older pouch but i'm unsure as to what season and year...the older ones were $168 and the newer ones retail for $178
  4. Im THINKING its from '05?? Its a patchwork pouch, I know they sold at the outlets for about 70 bucks. Not sure about the retail though. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will come through..
  5. Its last summers patchwork top handle pouch. I think it was $158.00