HELP!! Nail Polish + Azur Noe: OMFG What Can I Do?!?!

  1. Okay gals, so I was using the little cotton balls to change the polish of my nails, and I accidentally laid my beloved Azur Noe on top of it!!!​

    Anyway, the polish (pure acetone, actually) smudged the Damier design, and actually took some of it off... PLEASE let me know if there's anything I can do?!?!

    I've actually been telling myself it's not SO bad... It's on the back, and is not visible when I carry it, but OMG &$#%@!!! I'm soooooo depressed...​

    Close-up pic:

    From far away (above the lower left LOUIS VUITTON PARIS check):

    Can I take it back and have them "paint" the design back on or whatever? Oh gosh, I'm so stupid...​
  2. omg, poor bag!!!! i hope they can repair it!
  3. IMO when you see it from far away it isn't as noticable as you might think.. Of course it's a problem so I hope you can get it fixed somehow..
  4. Take it to Lv and see what they can do cause you never know!
  5. oh lord..ys, see what lv can do for you. please,let us know :smile:
  6. OMG, give LV a call and see if they can do anything about it, or if you have a boutique near you, just bring it in and show them. I hope they can repair the damage. The bag is so gorgeous and new!
  7. OMG! I am so sorry! Let us know what they say...(Hugs) to you:tender:
  8. :sad: Oh no, I would take it to LV and see what they can do or recommend.
  9. Poor Azur Noe! Hope LV can fix that for you. Good luck!
  10. Take it in and see if anything can be done. Please let us know what happens.
  11. :shocked: wow... sorry this happened to ya, good luck!
  12. Thanks so much for comforting me ladies! I really appreciate it!!!

    Anyway, just called 1800 VUITTON, and the lady said that they won't be able to repair it, they'd have to replace the whole panel. Anyway, I'll bring it to LV next Monday and get an estimate of how much that would cost. I'll keep yall posted!​
  13. Oh my that's awful for you:sad:

    Can you claim on your home contents insurance for either the cost of the repair or a replacement bag?

    Hope it all works out for you. It is a lovely bag & I'm sure you will soon be wearing it proudly again soon:yes:

  14. I dont' think there's anything they can do about it.

    Maybe you could try to wipe off all the blue except the LOUIS VUITTON s? I'm pretty sure it would look nice. :p (seriously).
  15. eeccckkkk sorry that is a nightmare hope the repair bills not too bad