HELP!!! My younger sister's birthday present...

  1. Ladies, I need your help! My sister's birthday is coming up next week and she got an amore giocco about a month ago and LOVES her bag. For her birthday, I want to buy her an amore denaro to match her bag. Her favorite characters are the coffee cup, and then the sushis... Do you ladies know of anyplace/anybody/anywhere that is still selling them? I really hope I can get my hands on one for her on her birthday. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. Oh wow... I don't know about that! I know the denaro's sell out quickly everywhere!! Good luck!!
  3. Oh, that's a good one!!
  4. you can always call up japanla, I believe they received another shipment of amores
  5. i saw it awhile back..not sure if they still have it?
  6. somebody already bought it... with the BIN option! =( I JUST found out about it.. and it's already gone. JapanLA doesn't have anymore either... *sigh*
  7. there are some more on eBay. But I'd call Nordstroms first to find out if they have any or can locate some. Then call thte stores and see if they ahve the print placement you need.
  8. aw darn!! sorry!! userid kept private. hey how do they do that? keep it private?
  9. call Nordstrom and have them track one down for you,this is how i got mine a week ago.
  10. There are a couple on eBay right now. In such a small item, I can imagine it would be very tough to find the exact characters you want on it.
  11. the one that leen619 helped me locate on ebay would've been PERFECT! Even though it is a good chunk about retail.. I would've gladly paid that for my sister's birthday present... Now that it's gone... I really don't know where else I could locate one.. I called Azelea/Pulse/JapanLA AND Nordstroms today and they couldn't help me find any... :crybaby: I really want to get something for my sister I know she'll like... I do see other amore denaors on ebay.. but it's not the print placement she wants... *sigh*
  12. umm maybe call up a Macy's? I hope you're able to find the denaro!!! Don't give up ... you still have some time to work with right? :tup:
  13. I have called macy*s and the people who work there are no help at all! (Sorry if I offended anybody by saying that)... They just don't seem knowledgeable about what they're selling.. AND, they just seem like they're not interested in helping me out and are FORCED to be there. When I asked them about tokidoki for LeSportSac, they said they don't carry it at all.. but I was just there this past weekend looking at their bags!!!! They just don't even bother... It's just so frustrating! I don't know what else to do now... should I start considering getting my sister something else for her birthday??? *sigh* What to do....

    Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies! =)
  14. If someone here has the SKU number for the denaro, you can call Nordstroms customer service, or go to their live help window and ask them to locate the denaro and give them the SKU. I did that before. They were able to give me the number of the stores that had them in stock. Then I called the stores.

    I found the SKU/UPC # for the lamore denaro: 8 43333 01950 5