HELP! my wristlet....:(

  1. i have no clue how this happened but one part in the handle somehow went crooked!

    maybe im just over reacting over this tiny flaw but im just so sad:sad:

    does any know if coach will fix it?

    any suggestions welcome!



  2. Huh?

    I don't see anything.
  3. take it to the boutique and they will send it to coach for a 20.00 fee to fix it.
  4. look next to the dogleash clip. the leather piece looks like it was ripped or broken.
  5. I would take it into a store and see what they say, but my gut feeling is that they would fix it since it is probably due to a manufacturer's defect. Good luck!
  6. Oh!

  7. you would need to send it back with 20 bucks for them to fix it. wristlets cost about 40. to me, it s a waste of time. maybe if u go in the store they d give u a new one on the spot? otherwise i would go to a leather repair shop or something
  8. agreed. or, if you are buddies with an SA, ask them if they'll waive the fee. They did this with my metallic gallery tote, so their fixing it for 100% free (but that was an almost $400 purse vs a $40 wristlet)
  9. I would just take it to a cobbler or a leather repair place and they will fix it for about $5. It's not worth the $20 and six weeks of waiting for a simple repair like that.