Help! My TV just went "POP" and died!

  1. I turned on the television to watch Monk and everything seemed fine, the sound started and the picture was in the process of coming up when I heard a loud "POP" like a gunshot and then the television started beeping. It won't come on fully OR turn off...just keeps beeping. I finally had to unplug it to get it to stop. It is a JVC flat screen, only two years old...maybe a 36"? Does anyone have any idea what this means? Do they still make picture "tubes" and is it possibly for something to blow up in a television? And if so, is it possible to repair it? Nothing like this has ever happened to me before! :rant: :hysteric:
  2. JVC..........My Sony did that. Well, actually it didn't POP, it just died. Turned it on one morning, it worked. Turned it on the next evening, it was dead :crybaby: . Are you still under warrenty since its only 2 yrs old?
  3. Opps, party is over. Actually that happened to my TV recently and it was a lamp/bulb that has to be lit for you to be able to see the pic. Easy to replace.
  4. If your under warrenty they should fix it free.
  5. You guys are awesome! But...just called the place where I purchased it, and it is not under warranty. Is this bulb something I could replace myself, or do I have to hire someone to come out? There is no way I can get this thing in my car to take it anywhere. Any ideas what the cost is to have something like this done?
  6. Depending on size, around a few hundred plus labor. I'm thinking you'll want a geek to do that for ya :yes: These lamps have lifetimes so sooner or later many of us will hear that pop. This is one of the rare things we actually purchased a service plan on.

    I found these forum people really knowledgeable when I had questions about our TV. They might be able to offer you some more info or tips, like if you could order it yourself and who to call to replace it.
  7. Thanks Kitskats! The girl who answered from Ultimate Electronics (and who, by the way, was TOTALLY rude both times I called) said I could call JVC and order the bulb. But if it is going to cost several hundred dollars I am better off just getting a new television. I can't transport mine, so I assume I will pay a LOT to have someone come here to repair it. :crybaby:
  8. My upstairs big screen did something ONE YEAR OLD...EEK!
    Look in the phone book..they have autgorized repair people that will fix it...just look up what brand it cost me like under 200 to fix.
  9. Well...just thank goodness it wasn't your computer!!!!
  10. :death: :crybaby:
  11. omg Vlad, now how did i know you were going to post this?
  12. is it still covered under warranty?
  13. warranty! :crybaby: And of course no one is open on the weekend to ask about repairs, cost, etc. I left a message with the one place that had a machine, so hopefully I can find something out on Monday! If it's around $200 to fix, that's okay. But if it is going to be outrageously expensive, I have to start shopping for a new tele!
  14. ET, try contacting the manufacturer (JVC) first... 2 years is really a short amount of time to have to something wrong with your tv. it could be a preexisting manufacturer defect. if you call them, they will give you the number to a local JVC authorized repair shop that can look at it for you... if it is a manufacturer defect JVC should cover the cost, but if it's not... then atleast you are at a legit place that can tell you how much it will cost to fix. good luck!
  15. A friend's plasma screen tv died after 2 months. He did some research & found out their average life is a year and a half! :hysteric:Which does not help you, but I feel I contributed to the conversation now. :yahoo::rolleyes: