Help! My Trousse Toilet 28 is peeling inside!

  1. Anyone got a remedy for this? I'm pretty miffed cause the peelings get all over my skincare/bath products. :cursing:
    Never seen this happen with any of my other LVs but none of them have this kind of lining either. It is an older model bag but this just started happening.


    inside the toilet.jpg
  2. I've never owned the trousse toilette...but it looks like the interior is vuittonite (which is found in the regular and petit buckets from the monogram line).

    Unfortunately, peeling vuittonite is a common phenomenon that happens with extensive usage and excessive heat over time. It's normal wear-and-tear. :sad: The only remedy I can think of is to replace the lining of the makeup case. I did that with the petit bucket I used to wasn't expensive.

    Hope that helps! Sorry I can't be more optimistic...
  3. OMG I have the Trousse & the bucket in petit & large, no problems to report yet thank heavens!
    Sorry this happened to you I will be paranoid now watching :sad:
  4. Do you mind if I ask how much it cost you to replace the lining on your bucket?
  5. Do you live in a humid climate? I've heard that older bags are prone to peeling in humid areas (Hong Kong, Hawaii, Florida, etc.)
  6. bagnshoofetish, that is bound to happen like bernz84 saids to vuittonite the washable lining. I heard it is due mostly to humidity. My SIL recently sold my Epi pochette one of the very first before it was lined with alcantara. To a lady that did take it to LV to replace. Sorry I didn't enquire how much it would've cost.
  7. Oh, no prob. It cost me $66. Funny, I thought it would cost me more because I've seen lining replacement range from $75-$150.
  8. ^^^thanks! thats not that much in the scheme of things. I'm gonna see if they'll fix it for me.thanks goils.
  9. Has anyone ever replaced the lining on a Trousse Case? My Trousse is ok, yet I have a bucket and Nice cosmetics case circa late 90s that both have minor/mod peeling and flaking. It is probably just a matter of time before the Trousse starts to peel. Replacing the liining on the Petite Bucket seems reasonable, but I wonder about the Nice and Trousse. I wish we knew of a way to "seal" or stop the a light coat of varnish or something? argh.
  10. sadly that happens over time in humid areas
    it can onky be replaced (lv or cobler)