help my to authenticate this present please!!!

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  1. my cousin gave me this for my b-day?? is it authentic. she said it was.. can you help me please..i am new and i dont really know about coach bags :confused1:
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  2. For future reference, questions like this should be posted in the authentication thread at the top of this part of the forum. :smile:

    My opinion, for what it's worth, is that it looks like a fake to me. That style number is for a completely different bag, and the bag just looks all wrong for being an authentic Coach. Let's see what the more expert people have to say.
  3. As Stophle said, please post this in the Authenticate This Coach! thread for future reference :smile:

    And I'm really sorry but I'm afraid that bag isn't authentic Coach. :cry:
  4. thanks a lot.. i am new here..:blush: i will post it in the authentication thread.. sorry... i thought i was fake too :cursing: .. i wanted to know because i wanted to sell it but i would never sell a fake item.. i rather give it away..
    thanks again
  5. That's okay, don't worry about it. It was just a future reference kind of thing. Welcome to the forum. If you ever have any other questions, please definitely feel free to ask!
  6. Also, the cut of the creed patch and the stitching around it are really sloppy, Coach creeds (except for the old Sonomas) are shaped and sewn perfectly.
  7. Its fake!,the leather looks like plastic,Im sorry. Maybe she thought she bought it at a authentic store?
  8. :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.