Help! My suede Gucci tote is DESTROYING my clothes!!

  1. I figured this went best in the wardrobe section.
    I love this suede Gucci tote, I just got it from the CA outlet a few weeks ago. But it's destroying my shirts on the lower left side where my bag rests while being carried. I don't know what in the world I can do... it's so horrible that this is happening, it's like well what shirt am I willing to have destroyed today?

    Is it the fabric of the shirts? Can someone tell me if this has happened to them and if it's just the shirt quality or what else I can do?

    The bag:

    And here's what it's doing to my shirts!!!


    Here's another side of the same shirt just for comparison:


    There's no way I'm giving up this bag because there's GOT to be a way around this... and I'm hoping to find out through here. Certain fabrics, bad quality of fabric? I've even tried holding the bag still against me but that really doesn't do anything. It ruined the shirt I wore last night and I'm so disappointed.
  2. it has happened to me was my gucci monogram tote!! it has ruined 3 shirts esp any thin cotton ones. :crybaby:i was really disappointed too esp when i ruin a Vince top after knowing that it caused that. i think the best would be to wear the bag when you're wearing a jacket or a thicker material top.
  3. Gosh, that's horrible, I wonder why is it doing that as the tote is only fabric material & not like a rough leather
  4. what a terrible delima! :sad: To find a purse you love but have to worry about what you can wear with it.
  5. that happens to me with SO many of my shoulder bags, especially if they touch my hip area when I'm happens especially with my cashmere sweaters and thinner jersey tops--the pilling is TERRIBLE!!
  6. So true, I mean it feels like any other suede but it's not rough or anything... My other monogramed totes which reach to the hip over a LONG period of time will do this but not nearly as bad. This shirt I'm showing was after 2 times wearing it with this bag.

    I mean the shirts it's doing it to were under $30... like from Macy's, Forever 21 was the one I wore the previous night and then a top I loved from H&M... destroyed... I mean these were some of my favorites and I only caught on from that other night. agh.

    I ran to the supermarket last night and threw on a DKNY fitted hoodie which had a tougher material and although it was only a quick run in and out I didn't see anything happen to it... The fabric of those 3 ruined shirts are definitely similar, soft thin material... but that's like all I wear, haha.

    But pilling, as jhazn85 had mentioned, I didn't know that's what it was called but I'm googling websites on how to at least fix my shirts, too!

    I mean this was only a minute ago but I found this:

    So I'm going to go find one of those combs from like JoAnn fabrics or something and see if I can at least fix the shirts that were ruined too.

    I love this bag... whyyyy??

    Thanks so much for your comments too you guys!
  7. I had PRECISELY the same issue with Gucci! It was ruining my clothing by simply touching it when I walked. I brought both and item of clothing and the bag into a Gucci boutique and they FLAT OUT denied that their products could cause any detrimental affects to my clothing. So I started researching it online and came across a website that completely solved my problem, However, it was a while ago and I no longer have the link. The solution is very easy though, So here goes. Take your Gucci to either the boutique or a couture cleaner such as Tiffany Cleaners (A high-end dry cleaner). After the bag has had a thorough cleaning, Hang it up in a well ventilated area. Spray the entire bag with Scotch Guard® - They make several different kinds for different materials, just make sure you get the appropriate one. Let the spray dry and then give it a second coat. This will completely eliminate the problem and will keep the bag looking new and water resistant. Good luck!!
  8. I've had the same problem and ended up getting rid of the bag. Sorry if it's not what you wanted to hear.
  9. i know this is somewhat off topic but how much did u get that bag for @ the outlet
  10. This sounds like a really good idea and definately worth a try.
  11. The last Gucci I bought (which was years ago) the black on the inside flaked off and got all over everything inside the bag and even got outside sometimes too. I haven't bought another Gucci since. I say if you really love the bag just try and use it with things that it won't damage.
  12. Wow okay, I found a solution! I think, at least. From what I found out, shedding on shirts when you remove it, it eventually stops? This I don't know how true it is but I'm going to end up seeing for myself soon.

    I went out and bought something called a "Lint Shaver" "Removes lint and fuzz from knits and wovens" as it says. I used it on all 3 and it took off all that balling-up! It doesn't even look like it's any worse either-- it looks PERFECT. I took a picture, attached at the bottom.

    You'd think it would look all worn and tired and horrible... but it looks like new! I started using this thing on a ton of other older shirts, and I love it. I'm so happy, I hope the shirts can last though if the balling-up comes back. It's something I'll have to see.

  13. I just scrolled back to find this thread again. I don't have a Gucci bag but my new Kooba Sienna just ruined a brand new (worn 1x) cashmere sweater. I don't know if it's the whip stitching that rubs or what. I can't return the bag as it's from Bluefly and I do like it but I can't afford to have my clothes ruined. I'm sick about it. Think I will get one of those lint shavers you mention and see if that helps. I also recently had a a sale bag from Kenneth Cole that completely ruined some knit tops (including some brand new ones). The shoulder straps appeared to have thread stitching but in certain areas there were small nylon threads that stuck out and caught the clothing causing snags. The SA was kind enough to refund my money even though this was bought on sale at an outlet. Live and learn (I'm 51 and still learning).
  14. Yeah, that sucks. That happens to me every once in a while too. I usually end up going ahead and using the sweater shaver, but not after every time. frustrating!
  15. I had the same issue with a cheap Gap suede hobo that I had. I thought it was just the quality of the bag, but I guess it is suede material in general. I ruined one of my favorite cotton tops with that bag.... the only solution I could come up with was to not carry the bag on my shoulders (or carry a different bag).