Help! My St. Louis tore after 7 months

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  1. Help! My St. Louis tote tore in the corners after 7 months. I felt like this was too soon for a bag of this price to show such wear in such a short time, so I brought it into the Rodeo Drive store for assistance. I have never been so humiliated in a retail environment in my life. The assistant manager insinuated that I do not know how to care for my bag and told me to leave the store if I wasn't willing to pay $220 for leather reinforcements. There is no way I'm putting another dollar into this bag. I am sickened that it didn't even hold up for a year. I emailed their corporate offices and was also told to pay $220 for repairs. I refuse to have to add money to this bag. If the design requires leather reinforcements, why not just sell it like that to begin with? Has anyone else experienced issues with this bag? Any advice?
  2. That's absolutely terrible. Totally agree with you and it's horrendous that the store treated you like that! I lurk in the Goyard thread, and I've read that you're not the first person to have issues with the St. Louis handles - it's definitely a design defect. I've been thinking of getting an Artois PM but your post has me concerned - what terrible customer service!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this! I recently purchase a St. Louis GM and it does feel very delicate. May you share how you use your bag? My husband told me to purchase a bag organizer to ensure the weight is evenly distributed to prevent the possibility of tearing.
  4. I'm eyeing that tote for such a long time, but stories like that makes me unsure about the actual purchase
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