Help my son has allergies :( :(

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  1. I desperatly need some help. As you all may know my youngest son is now 7 months old. We have a 3 year old Alaskan Malamute and a 4 month old Spoodle.

    My son was having some difficulty breathing at times and we just found out he has an allergy to our Alaskan Malamute. He is fine with the Spoodle as the have low allergen hair.

    I have had to keep my Alaskan Malamute, her name is Sasha by the way, outside all day. She has always slept outside at night but i feel so sorry for her being stuck out there through out the day as well. I go and visit her but i have to completly change my clothes before i hold my son.

    What can i do? We love our Sasha but i wan't her to lead a happy life and i REFUSE to take her to a pound. I could put her in the paper but most people want puppies not older dogs!!

    I am so sad i just don't know what to do?? Please help:sad:
  2. I'm deathly allergic to my 3 cats and have asthma, I take medication and use an inhaler for the asthma. I know that your said your son is 7 mons but maybe there is something regarding medication that you could explore with your doctor (if you haven't already) before letting your dog go.

    I'm sorry to hear that, what a tuff situation.

    If you do need to resort to letting your dog go I would seriously recommend searching for a home, even if it takes a while. There is always a home for a dog and your dog deserves a happy home like you want :yes: Try going through organizations to place certain breeds with people. My family had a doxie that we had to give away so we found a organization that placed doxies with doxie lovers.

    I hope that kind of helps! Good luck!
  3. People can develop a tolerance for a particular dog's dander after some time. I myself am allergic to dogs, and am fine now around Scrappy after about a year of sniffling and sneezing. My baby cousin was deathly allergic to dogs, but she is now five and has two dogs at home that she can be around (although any other dog will send her into an instant asthma attack). I'm not telling you to torture your son for your dog's sake, just letting you know that he would probably get used to it pretty quickly if you can't get rid of your furbaby.
  4. Have you tried a search for Malamute Rescue organizations? They will require references, etc. from people wanting to adopt. It would be hard, but you'd know she's going to a loving home.

    We had to wait several years before getting a dog; our 1st child was terribly allergic. At age 7, the allergist gave us the green light to get a short-hair dog.

    Best wishes.
  5. Honestly, unfortunately I think you should look for a new home for your dog. He is so young and is very fragile- it is easier for an adult to get used to a certain allergy but very hard for a young child. Developing asthma that young and to keep the allergen around will really be very harmful IMO ( I have severe allergies- to cats and tons of foods and pollen). The best thing to do is to keep his environment clean.

    I would look for a rescue group or try to find your beloved dog a home.

    I know it must be so hard for you {{HUGS}}
  6. Well good news.... kind of....

    I recieved an e-mail yesterday from a lady saying she lives on 150 acres, her Malamute passed last year and she would love to have another. Sasha would sleep inside and have a doggy door to go in and out as she pleases. They will take her for walks along the beach everyday. They even have a doggy spa as her last malamute had arthritis.

    Everything sounds great. I just love her so much and i keep thinking to myself... no just keep her... then i think no she wont be happy here. I didn't sleep at all last night, i couldnt stop thinking about it.

    But i am going to meet with this lady and her husband sometime this week and we will go from there.

    hrmmm i just really dont want to let her go :sad:
  7. ^ That is REALLY GREAT news, but equally as hard.

    Go meet with her and see her place, see if you can think that your dog would be happy there. You want to be able to give your child and your dog the best lives possible!

  8. Just like what Megs said, go meet her and see if your dog will be happy there. I think your baby's health is the most important issue here and even if the solution is medication, I think it will have some effect on his health one way or the other. I hope your dog will find a happy home. Good luck!
  9. Thats good news, I'd definitely go check it out .... but if there is a way to keep your dog I would explore that too honestly... a dog is just as much of a part of the family as a baby IMO
  10. I would find a good home for my son. KIDDING! Hard decision I know. We just had to give up our lab because he bit a neighbor's son. I loved that dog more than anything and it was devastating to say the least. At least you know he will be going to a good home and will be happy.
  11. It sounds like a great solution if it works out. We all understand that you're torn about this. Of course your son is most important to you but you are your dog's mommy too and we all think we're the best for our dog. It will be hard on you, no doubt.

    Best wishes.